Personalized Teen Gift Headphones and Air Pods Case with Cricut Maker Machine

Personalized Teen Gift Headphones and Air Pods Case with Cricut Maker Machine

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The Gift of Personalization!

I want to connect with my teenagers on a personal level and chose to "gift" my kids a Cricut project to show them I care for them, without getting them a new "thing".  So I decided to work with items they use a lot, their headphones and air pods.  This may not be the design for you, but I hope this simple project inspires you to think about how you can customize or personalize a favorite item of someone near and dear to you to show them how much you care. Never know if a personalized item might be the best birthday gift they receive. 

Any set of head phones or air pods will do, I have the following type of examples to work with. 

Airpods Sony Headphones

In less than 10 simple steps, I've added a little color and customization to help my children use something fun and unique to them. 

Step 1 - Measure the area in which your design will go.

A quick ruler will allow you to align your design to the size of the design in design space. 

Step 2 - Create a Design Space Template of space to know how big to make your design cut.

I created 2 circles in Design Space that are 2 inches based on my measurement.  At first I thought it would be a template, but it allowed me to cut a solid color background and then apply my vinyl design to the background before I applied it to my headphones. 

Step 3 - Pick Design

A simple search in design space helped me find something my tween would relate to - Gaming! So many gamers enjoy the sound effects and what better way to delight the player with custom head phones. 

Step 4 - Measure again then Cut

I always like to double check my sizes, just in case I forgot while working in design space the size of which I need my final cut.

Step 5 - Gather your supplies and let your cricut do the rest. 

Cricut Supplies

Step 6 - Cut your vinyl and weed

Weed your Cricut Design

Step 7 - Use transfer tape to apply your design!

Cricut Vinyl on Headphones

Step 8 - Gift it! and watch the smiles of those you love. 

Airpods Case Design with Cricut Machine


Thanks for checking out how simple personalization can be. 


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