Spooky Spider Candle Tutorial

Spooky Spider Candle Tutorial

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 This is a project I actually did last Halloween but thought you’d all love the idea…

The “legs” of the spider is actually a cupcake holder. I got a 6 pack of these at Target, but I saw the same ones at my local Hobby Lobby Store as well. I then just added a simple white round candle and hot glued on some googly eyes! SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE!
As you can see I did not actually burn them last year. They are too stinkin’ cute to burn! The nice part is that if I ever want to use the cupcake holders all I have to do is take the candle right out and wash them. When I am done I can put the candle right back in!
 I am naming this little guy Mr. Spooky!
Happy Halloween Crafting! 
Hope you all enjoyed the post and the idea
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