Thrift Store Desk Accessories using Cricut Vinyl

Thrift Store Desk Accessories using Cricut Vinyl

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completed thrift store desk accessories

Tired of the same old desk accessories? Well, why not repurpose some thrift store finds and create something unique and fun for your office or craft room? In this blog post, we'll show you how to transform an old wooden bowl, cup, and cutting board into stylish catchalls and pencil holders using chalk paint and Cricut vinyl. With little surface preparation, the chalk paint goes on easily and dries to a beautiful matte finish. Plus, adding metallic paint gives your accessories that extra pop. So, grab your materials and let's get started on this quick and easy DIY project! 


thrift store finds 


Wipe down the surfaces of your thrift store finds with alcohol before painting.

wipe with alcohol 

Paint the inside surface of the bowl and the outside of the cup using one color of chalk paint plus white. 

chalk paint

Apply white paint in the center of the bowl and gradually add the color to create a gradation of color from light to dark. Do the same on the cup, working from one end of the cup to the other.  Paint the edge of the cutting board, leaving the center of the board unpainted so the cork will be glued to an unpainted surface. You may need several coats of the chalk paint to achieve full coverage. Allow the paint to dry.

paint variegated

paint inside bowl

Paint the outside of the bowl using a metallic paint of your choice.   Paint the rim of the cup and the edge of the cutting board using the same paint. You will probably need 3-4 coats of the metallic paint to achieve complete coverage. Allow the paint to dry.

paint outside of bowl


Sand the edges of the wooden items using rough sandpaper. Wipe the dust away using a damp paper towel

sand edges 

Apply 1-2 coats of sealer to the cork and allow to dry. The sealer will protect the cork from use and allow the vinyl to adhere to the bumpy surface. Glue the cork to the cutting board.

seal cork


Create a design in Design Space and size it to fit your items.  I selected a design that would be in one piece after it was cut so that no transfer paper would be required to position it on my items. Cut and weed the vinyl.

cut design feathers


Apply the vinyl to the bowl and cup like a decal.. The vinyl will adhere well to the chalk paint. 

apply vinyl decals


Place the vinyl on the cork. Briefly (1s) heat the vinyl using a heat gun - one small section at a time - and press it down well with your fingers.  Take care not to put your hand directly under the heat gun at any time and wear a glove if the vinyl is too hot to touch.

briefly heat vinyl


When the vinyl is well stuck, you will be able to see the texture of the cork in its surface.

vinyl pressed well to cork


Apply 1 or more coats of chalk paint wax to the chalk painted and sanded wood surfaces. Allow each coat of wax to dry overnight. Buff the wax to a shine.

wipe on wax


The only thing left is to enjoy your new desk accessories. Quick and easy!

completed desk accessories

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