Color Changing in UV-Activated Sun and Cricut Iron On HTV T-shirt DIY Beginner Project Tutorial

DIY Color Changing in UV-Activated Sun and Cricut Iron On HTV T-shirt DIY Beginner Project Tutorial

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Cricut's color-changing UV-Activated iron on (HTV) project is amazing! I knew I had the perfect idea to describe what the sun does to me.  Do you know that feeling of being in the sun all day, feeling sun kissed and slipping into soft bed sheets at night and just feeling refreshed?  It makes me confidently know that I am powered by the sun!!!  

I thought it would be great to create a DIY project to describe how to use both everyday iron on and color-changing for a unique beginner made by me t-shirt!  So here is how I feel as I am solar powered when outdoors and grabbing some Vitamin D!

In Cricut Design Space to help me know if my sizing of the design has the look I was picturing in my mind, I started with a Shirt Template.  

I grabbed a few images from design space for a battery and sun and found the text that made it complete. I can only imagine the number of fun projects for summer, children or grandkids that could be made!

Design Space Shirt Template

 Anticipating different materials and colors, I made sure the Color Sync of my layers matched what I wanted for my cuts.  

Color Sync

Cricut's Color Changing Sun UV-Activated (Heat Transfer Vinyl) is put into special packaging to protect it from the sun while it isn't being used.  Be careful when opening so that you can put any unused material back into the black back for storage. 

UV Color Changing Iron On

I love how the software allows you to use what are "scraps" of material, but to anyone else could be the first cut of material.  In this picture I made sure that my scraps lined up with the location of each word being cut in design space, so that my material was in the correct spot. 

Using Scrap Material

With the right tools (my weeder and mat) it is easy to quickly remove the not needed pieces of material so that I have just the remaining part of my design.

Weeding Iron On Tips

Apply the iron on easily with a Cricut Heat Press.  I used the Cricut Heat Guide to help me have the correct temperature setting based on my cotton shirt material and heat transfer vinyl material.  

Although a shirt can't truly encompass the feelings of being out in nature and being transformed and warmed by the sun, it does help me express my delight and how I feel so filled by being powered by the sun!  

 Cricut UV Activated Color Changing and Everyday Iron On

I like the idea of having some color to the shirt that doesn't change with the sun, so when I am not in the sunshine there is still something fun to look at!

What are designs you have used Color-Changing material for? I hope this project will spark an idea for you to apply this sunlight sensitive product! It is great for totes, hats, back packs, bags, shoes and so much more!

 Color Changing Iron On


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