{Valentines} 3D Pennant Banner – Part II

{Valentines} 3D Pennant Banner – Part II

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Happy Friday to you all!
Earlier this week I shared with you all how to create a 3D pennant banner and today we’re going to finish up and learn a new ‘stamping’ technique!
Here is where we left off….
So of course in every project there must be some sort of whoopsies (whether you all see it of not). I initially thought I would decorate my circle openings by layering paper and what not… and then I changed my mind (a very normal occurrence with me).
Let’s just say that to stamp the background for my banners I had to open my already closed and adhered banners. WHOOPSIES! Anyways, on the the fun part!

 I wanted to add a pop of red on my banners in a unique way so I decided to create a twine stamp. To do this, take a scrap piece of paper (thicker cardstock works better) and cut multiple little slits down 2 opposite sides. This ‘stamp’ is for the backdrop of my circle openings, so I made sure it was bigger than the circle area I was working with.
Next you will be wrapping twine around the piece using the little notches as a guide. You will not be using the actual twine, so use something you don’t like or need to use up.



Tape the start of your strand to the back to hold it in place. Then start wrapping! I wanted a random pattern, so I wrapped is all directions. If you want a more uniform stripe look, wrap straight across.
Here is my finished wrapped twine ‘stamp’. The next part is to ink the twine with your desired color. I used my red Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgerz. I love these little buggers! Using a smaller ink pad would work the best for this part. You can then only ink where you need.


I inked the twine until it was fairly saturated and then did a test ‘stamp’. I just used my fingers to press down on the twine with a good amount of pressure. You could rub to make sure you get the entire pattern. Here is what I got.


Let’s be honest, my red ink edger…it’s a bit dry and worn after the holiday season. If you want a more potent look use a fresh and juicy ink pad. For the real thing I did ink the twine a bit more and made sure to use a lot of pressure when stamping it down.
Here is how it turned out for the background of my pennants. I LOVE it! It looks so unique and is just the right amount of red without being overkill.



To contrast the red I decided to use some classic American Crafts Thickers to spell out ‘LOVE’ on the banner.


The last to finishing touched were adding a small foil heart (Amercian Crafts Foil Paper) inside my “O” and spray all of my pennants with my favorite Tsukineko Frosh Shimmer Spray! It’s hard to see but it adds a faint shimmer to the Kraft Cardstock .
Here is the completed hanging banner! I used a simple hemp cord to hang the pennants to keep it simple! The white stitching sure does POP and, even though it’s hard to see, the shimmer spray and red foil heart add just the right amount of SHINE!
Now…where to hang my banner?


 On my giant clock in the kitchen? (I will love you for all time)
I liked it, but got an even better idea…
I (shamelessly) have yet to take down my holiday wreath from my front door…
so I hung my love banner across the wreath and it instantly became my Valentine’s Day wreath!
I hope you loved the tutorial, and if you missed Part I on how to create the 3D pennants, click here.
 Have a wonderful and creative weekend!
Where would YOU hang this banner?


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