Valentine's Day Die Cut Magnet Paper Project

Valentine's Day Die Cut Magnet Paper Project

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Check out this super easy and fun Valentines Day project! These Magnets are so easy to make! Make any shape and use any paper using the Silhouette Adhesive Magnet Paper!
You can even make 3D magnets!
…and that middle ‘black’ heart? YEP! That is a CHALKBOARD magnet using the Silhouette Chalkboard Vinyl!


 I have been avoiding using my Silhouette Magnet Paper because (GASP!) it is a new product to me and I have never used it before but let me tell you, I am now in LOVE with it!
The Silhouette Magnet Paper comes in a pack of 4 – 8.5x11in sheets. One side is the magnet and the other has an adhesive on it with a paper covering that you peel back when your ready to apply your paper.


I decided for this project I wanted to made a few hearts for my fridge for Valentines day, one of them being chalkboard. I used a few fun pink patterned papers and the Silhouette Chalkboard Vinyl.




TIP: I used a Cricut Deep Cut Blade at depth of 6 and a cut quantity of 2. Meaning I had the machine cut over the designs 2ce, just to make sure I got a clean cut. It worked GREAT and cut to smooth and the hearts came out beautifully. Even the swirly heart came out perfect!


A perfect cut! They fell right out of the paper!
Next, cut out the exact same sizes of each shape in whatever pattern paper you wish.
 Here are my three already cut magnets with their paper pairs.  For the largest swirly heart I used Silhouette Chalkboard Vinyl!


Lastly, peel back the adhesive backing. The adhesive on the magnet paper is VERY sticky so be careful with this next step…


Take your matching paper heart and line it up with the adhesive on the magnet and rub it on. This part is probably the hardest. I just lined up the bottom point and the rest lined up perfectly!



I did the same thing with my Silhouette Chalkboard Vinyl. It might seem like a lot of steps, but this all goes so fast and is SUPER EASY!
Here are my final magnets! I have a black fridge so my magnets really POP! I added a fun stitch border and the word LOVE to my chalkboard magnet for a little valentine flair!


I had the perfect picture of my daughter Lo (Lauren) that looks great with these magnets! Isn’t she adorable? Ha, I am a bias mom, but I really do like the picture/magnet combo.


I hope you LOVED the project and please leave feedback with what you think!
You can get the Silhouette Adhesive Magnet Paper HERE now!
Happy Crafting,


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