Weekend Project: Recycled Mason Jar Spring Vase – Part II

Weekend Project: Recycled Mason Jar Spring Vase – Part II

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Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! It’s a beautiful day here and finally feels like spring. The sun is shining and is was a great time to get some weekend crafting done. Earlier this week I posted a simple project about how to use StazOn Opaque Inks on glass Mason Jars.
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 If you missed that post check it out here. Today we will take the same concept but add a fun vintage flair! This project is so simple and a great gift idea for Mother’s Day!
Get out those old dusty mason jars or any glass jar for that matter. Remove any lids or caps and cover your work area with an old sheet or newspaper, just in case you get a little messy.

I used an old can (can you tell?) of Valspar paint in Flat White. I used a sponge brush for painting. You can use a paint brush but you will get more ‘brush’ marks if you do. It’s your choice.
Simply paint over the glass in even strokes. I left the very tops of my lids unpainted. As you can see, painting on glass makes the paint look very thin. Let the first coat dry and then come back and add a second coat for better coverage.
After both coats are completely dry, take a fine grit sandpaper and lightly rub off the paint in a few areas. By doing this it makes the paint look wood and distressed.  I also rubbed over the ‘Kerr’ lettering on my jar to make it stand out.
Here is a smaller square jar I had laying around that I wanted to use for a single stem flower. Be careful not to sand too much off. You can always sand off more, but if you sand too much, it’s harder to paint over that area again.
After a quick sanding I left my small square jar as-is. No stamping or color for this little guy! I loved how it looked all on its own and I can always add a ribbon and change that out for some variety!
To stamp on my painted jars, I used StazOn Opaque Inks. These permanent inks can be used on glass, paint, paper, leather, wood & so much more! I loved the creamy spring colors of the Opaque Collection and chose the Buttercream Yellow with a touch of  Baby Blue for this project.
The stamp I used is from the Fancy Pants Delight Stamp Set. I stamped around the entire bottom of my jar, moving my stamp around to vary the height a bit. I know what you are thinking… Why in the world is she using her cap to stamp!? Well, I will be honest, I just got into stamping and do not own an acrylic block…yet. I found that the clear stamps stick very will to many different things and in this case, the Ink Pad cap worked great! (I know its a bit out of the ordinary, but I make due with what I have!)
To add just a touch of Baby Blue Ink to my words, I took the pad and dabbed it directly onto my jar lightly over the raised works. Key word…lightly!
To finish the jar off I added a yellow chevron May Arts Ribbon and bow around the top and added some fresh greens!
The jar turned out beautiful! The yellow stamped pattern reminds me of a honeycomb patter, which was not intended, but I love it anyway! I think I might add a tag with a bee on it and give it to my mother with some fresh flowers for Mother’s Day.
What do you think? Know of any cute ‘bee’ saying that would work for a tag for Mother’s Day?
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