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Princess Wall Scrapperz

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Princess Wall Scrapperz

With the new Wall Scrapperz PRINCESS Scrapper Kit you are able to create beautiful scrapbooks on any wall in your home or dorm room. Also with the 200 re-usable pieces you can change your design as many times as you like. The re-usable accessories are easy to apply and just as easy to remove. A great gift for any young girl!


-one 12x12 inch dry-erase scrapping square

-1 sheet 10x10 inch re-usable perforated editorial decals

-1 sheet 5x12 inch re-usable accessory stickers

-4 sheets 10x10 inch re-usable pattern decals

-2 sheets 5x12 inch re-usable alphabet decals

-1 sheet 12x12 inch die-cut re-usable icon & frame sheet

-1 sheet 4.5x6 inch re-usable embellished stickers

-42 re-usable rhinestones

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