How to Change a Cricut Maker Knife Blade

How to Change a Cricut Maker Knife Blade

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Just like any blade, the Cricut Knife Blade will eventually get dull and need to be replaced.  How do you know it’s time to replace your Cricut Knife Blade?

It’s time to change your blade when you can visually see knicks in the blade (maybe you dropped it, whoopies!), if you are not getting good cuts, or if you notice you have to hit the recut button more frequently than you used to. You can easily replace the blade with a knife blade replacement kit.  The kit comes with a protective cap and a replacement blade in a plastic tube with a foam holder:

To change the blade, place the protective cap over the end of the blade that needs to be replaced:

Gently squeeze the protective cap over the grip lines.  Rotate clockwise to remove the collar:

Remove the replacement blade from the foam holder and line up the bump on the blade with the bump in the holder.  Note: You can chose to leave the blade in the foam holder if you wish:
Carefully drop the new blade into the housing:
Place the protective cap back over the top of the blade and twist the collar back on again by rotating counter-clock-wise. Make sure to screw it on all the way to prevent your blade from coming loose:
Carefully dispose of the used knife blade by putting the knife blade back in the plastic tube.  There is no need to hang on to the protective cap, as each replacement kit will come with one.  Perhaps you can find a way to utilize it creatively?
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