DIY Book Bag with Cricut Glitter Iron-On

DIY Book Bag with Cricut Glitter Iron-On

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Do you carry books with you wherever you go like I do? Here is a tote made with a Cricut Maker 3 and a burlap bag with a cotton pocket. A girl can never have too many bags, especially when they are personalized with purple glitter iron-on.


Tote (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
Cricut Explore or Maker machine
Glitter Iron-On
Strong Grip Cutting mat
Cricut Easy Press
Cricut Easy Press mat
Cricut Tools

First, I chose a design. I found and purchased this one on Etsy while doing a different project because, as an avid reader, I just knew I needed to make something with it. What better than a bag to carry my books in?

I uploaded the SVG to Design Space and sized it to fit the cotton pocket on the front of my tote. I would have liked to use infusible ink, but that would have required a polyester fabric blank. Oh well, maybe next time.

I cut out the design with my Cricut, making sure to mirror my design beforehand. The glitter iron-on was not sticking well to my Standard Grip mat, so I switched to a Strong Grip mat. You can see below that the iron-on still wanted to curl up a bit at the corners, but I was able to get the design cut.

Once my design was successfully cut out, I weeded it.

Then I prepared to apply it to my tote with my Easy Press 2. My small Easy Press mat fit right inside the pocket and provided closer contact with the heat press.

I placed the design onto my tote and centered it on the pocket where I wanted it.

Next, I heated my EasyPress 2 to 330 degrees and set it for 30 seconds per the Cricut Heat Guide, which I always refer to for any iron-on or infusible ink projects.

After heating my design, I let it cool and started to remove the carrier sheet. However, the iron-on had not adhered well in a couple of places.

I warmed up my Cricut Mini Press and used that to reheat those spots instead of applying heat to the entire design again.

Then I was able to remove the carrier sheet, and it all looked good.

My project was a success! I'm glad I used glitter iron-on in a darker color because it stood out well against the neutral colors of my tote. I have already used it to carry a book with me, and I fit in a sweater and some slippers, too. How fun!

What kind of design would you put on a tote? It doesn't have be about books. Whatever you like to carry with you would work. Just add a design in your favorite color, and you'll be ready to go.

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.  Lemony Snicket


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