Tooth Fairy Bag Cricut Easy Press Mini

Tooth Fairy Bag with the Cricut Easy Press Mini

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I made this adorable Tooth Fairy bag and container for my best friends little girl. She’s got her first loose tooth and I thought this would be perfect for her upcoming birthday. She is so excited to get her first visit from the Tooth Fairy.



Cricut Tools
Standard Grip Mat
Iron-On Vinyl
Easy Press Mini
Canvas Bag
Mini Glass Container


Whenever I begin a project, I always start by creating a template the size of my surface area I plan to be using. I like doing this so that I don’t have to keep measuring and sizing. For this project I created the rectangle that is the size of my small canvas bag. I then could create my design right on top of that template.


Then I used my Cricut to cut out the Iron-On Vinyl. Don’t forget to mirror!


After it was cut out I weeded the project.


I used my Easy Press Mini to heat transfer the different layers of Iron-On Vinyl onto the canvas bag.


After the first layer of the black letters and the white tooth was cool I peeled the backing off. I then did the pink layer. Cool and remove the backing.


I then found a tooth image in Design Space and sized that to my small container. I cut it out of Permanent Vinyl


Then I weeded the project.


Using Transfer Tape, I placed the tooth on the container. I use a scraper tool to burnish the Transfer Tape to the vinyl. Take the backing off the vinyl. Place the image. Remove Transfer Tape.


 Now it is ready to go for the next time the Tooth Fairy makes a visit.


*Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.


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