DIY Burned Cork Trivets Cricut

DIY Burned Cork Trivets with Cricut

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I saw someone use a wood burning tool to make a design in a cork trivet and thought how I could do the same thing but using a stencil out of Circuit Vinyl. It worked so well and it was actually quite fun to do!



                Cricut Tools
                Cricut Smart Vinyl or
                Cricut Vinyl
                Standard Grip mat
                Cork Trivet
                Wood Burning Tool


I started by measuring my trivet.


In Design Space I created a circle that was the same size as my trivet. I then designed my image within that circle.


When I was happy with the design and where it was I selected the whole design and welded it together. Then I selected the welded image and the circle and sliced it. I deleted all the layers that I didn’t need.


I then cut out the design with Cricut Smart Vinyl. If you do not have a Explore 3 or Maker 3 then you can use regular vinyl on a standard grip mat.


After it was done cutting, I weeded out the positive space (the space that I wanted to burn in the trivet).

Using Transfer Tape I placed the design onto the trivet.


I then traced the inside of the vinyl just like a stencil. I used a pen but you could use anything that would show up on the cork. It will get burned away.


After the entire image was traced, I removed the vinyl.


Then came the fun part! I used the wood burning toll to follow the pen marks. You will need to figure out what tip works best for you but, I used a chisel type tip and it worked well for me.


Here it is all finished! This was such a fun project to try something new!


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