The Giving Plate with Cricut Vinyl

The Giving Plate with Cricut Vinyl

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I love surprising people with some homemade treats. This is a super cute and easy project to give those tasty treats a way to travel. And how fun is it to know that they will then pass it on to more people. I got the clear plate at the dollar store so it was a pretty inexpensive way to show people you care.



Clear Plate (mine is from the Dollar Tree)
Cricut (I used Maker 3)
Cricut Vinyl (I used Smart Vinyl)
Standard Grip Mat (if not using Smart Vinyl)
Cricut tools
Transfer Tape



I first measured my plate. I wanted the middle circle measurement and the outer circle measurement.


I then went to Design Space and created the 2 circles as my template.


Using this template, I created the design. If you would like the SVG of the design you can find it HERE.

Because vinyl is not food safe I mirrored my image so that I could place it on the bottom of the plate and it would be right side while looking from the top.


I cut the design out of the Smart Vinyl with my Cricut Maker 3. If you do not have the new machines you can easily do this with regular vinyl and a standard grip mat.


After it was cut out I weeded the whole design. I like to weed the innards of the letters first. This seems to be easier than waiting until the outside is off and then trying to get the little pieces out.


Using Transfer Tape I placed each part of the design onto the bottom side of the plate. I cut each segment of the design so that it would be easier to transfer. Place the Transfer Tape over the design. Burnish design on the front and back. Remove vinyl backing. Place onto plate. Burnish to the plate. Remove Transfer Tape.


Do this with each segment.


Here it is all done!


Now it is ready for some treats and giving it to some special people.


*At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or what you have accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.

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Dear Kim,

Thank you for your email and for your enthusiasm about the design! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the process with your Cricut.

Regarding your questions, here are some clarifications:

Resizing the Design: If you’re working directly within Cricut Design Space and using the same plate I referenced, you should not need to resize the design. However, if you downloaded the SVG file, the dimensions I used were a width of 9.474 and a height of 9.344 inches. Adjusting your design to these dimensions should ensure it fits perfectly.

Aligning the Outer Circle of Words: Yes, you’re correct. I aligned the wording around the outer circumference of the plate using the edge of the inner circle on the back of the plate as a guide. This should help ensure a neat fit around the plate’s edge.

Font Information: The font I used for the outer circle is “BFC Caramel Cakepop” from Design Space. For the word “Giving,” I utilized the “Mahogany Script” font.

If you’re experiencing differences in the fonts, it might be due to the font variations available in your Cricut Design Space. You may need to check if the fonts are already available in your system or if you need to download them separately.

Kind regards, Craft-e-Corner


Beth, I love this design. I downloaded the svg file to my computer and uploaded it my Cricut design space. Just wondering if I need to resize it to for the plate. I purchased the same plate you used in your instructions and I did a test cut but it seems the out circle of words won’t fit the outer circumference of the plate. Did you use the edge of the inner circle on the back of the plate to line up the wording around the outer circumference of the plate? Thank you so much for your help. Also, my svg font isn’t the same as the one in your instructions. Do I need to download a different font? If so, I’ll need the font name. I’m fairly new to the Cricut world, Kim

Kim Kohlenberger

Yvonne, The instructions for the plate are right here in the blog post. The SVG file is also included there as well.




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