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Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Cards for All Occasions Using Your Cricut

Cards for All Occasions Using Your Cricut

A simple card design takes on a different personality depending on the kind of scrapbook paper used.  Cricut pens create your personalized message and a matching envelope adds a little something special to a basic design. Make it up three or more ways and be ready for any occasion – from birthday to anniversary to wedding.

anniversary card



Scrapbook paper and cardstock
Vinyl scraps and transfer tape
Tape runner
Die cutting machine



Create a simple card design in Design Space.  The sample card is 5 inches square and uses four basic parts.  Assemble the card using a tape runner and add any additional embellishments that you’d like.

1. Card face

Cut one piece of background paper that is 4.75 inches square and one 4.5-inch square piece with a 3.25-inch circle cut from the center.  Layer the cutout paper on top of the background and secure using double stick tape.

face of card

Size your text message to fit the circle opening and cut the text from vinyl.  Weed the vinyl to remove the excess and apply it to the card front using transfer tape.  Be sure to use transfer tape that is not too sticky so you do not pull up your scrapbook paper while applying the vinyl. Previously used transfer tape would be ideal.

vinyl text

  1. Envelope

This envelope design was selected from Cricut Access and sized to fit a 5-inch square card.  Cut one envelope from a 12×12 inch piece of scrapbook paper that is white or plain on at least one side. Fold the envelope on the score lines and secure using double stick tape.

envelope design

  1. Card base

The card base is a 5×10 inch rectangle. Use a Cricut pen to draw your message on the right side of the card and cut the rectangle from cardstock for the base of the card.

card base

back of card base

To add a “handmade” seal to the back of the card, remove the card from the cutting mat without removing the excess cardstock to be discarded.  Turn the card over and place it face down back into the same opening.  Set the rectangle to score or draw (but do not insert any tool) and draw the seal on the back of the card.

draw card message

draw card back



Birthday Card

birthday card front

birthday card inside

birthday card back

Anniversary Card

anniversary card front

anniversary card inside

anniversary card back


Wedding Card

wedding card


All Occasion

all occasion cards 1

all occasion cards 2

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