DIY Christmas Cookie Tin for a Teacher Gift

DIY Christmas Cookie Tin for a Teacher Gift

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Merry Christmas to One Smart Cookie

This time of year making gifts for teachers is on my list.  Cricut machines are a great resource for many last minute gifts.  I know that even a small personalized thank you can bring joy and happiness to teachers who work hard to make our children smart!  I am thankful and want to take a little extra moment to recognize their time that impacts my children.  

I simply purchased a cookie tin, made a few decorative Christmas sugar cookies with my daughter and added a little fun vinyl to the cover.  

Cricut Vinyl Christmas One Smart Cookie Tin Teacher Gift

Here are the simple steps for an easy beginner project. 

Find the desired image within Design Space you would like to have on your lid.  I used One Smart Cookie and Gingerbread men, since I wanted to tie in the teacher theme of being smart.  I measured the lid space and reduced the image on my canvas to the right size that it would fit my lid. 

The image below shows the phrase and cookies in different colors because I am planning to cut items out in different colors of Cricut vinyl material.  

Cricut Design Space One Smart Cookie

This image shows that my cuts will be done with two different mats and two different colors of materials.  I enjoy this feature as it is a simple reminder that I'm working on a project with different colors. 

I have little scraps of Cricut Vinyl I saved from other projects, I'm sure you do too.    I love the idea that there are so many projects that what seems like a throw away amount is easy made into something fun. Here is my machine cutting the text of my design, with a simple pass through.

 Cricut Cutting Red Vinyl

I look at my cut and weeded designs and determine how they will playfully be placed on my tin.  I cover them with transfer paper and apply to my tin. 

Cookie Tin with Vinyl

I add some of my daughter's handmade decorated designs and we are ready to share homemade love to One Smart Cookie Teacher.  

 Cricut Vinyl on Christmas Cookie Tin a Gift for Teacher


Find Cricut Vinyl in all styles and colors at this link for

What do you gift the teachers in your children's life?

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