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Cricut DIY Project: Vacation Countdown Calendar

Cricut DIY Project: Vacation Countdown Calendar

My husband and I are going on a little vacation to visit our best friends who we haven't seen in eight months! It only seemed appropriate that I make a little countdown calendar. I originally found this calendar in Design Space, but tweaked it a little bit to how I wanted it. I used a few different materials in this project, but I'm most excited about the perforation blade for my Cricut Maker! If you look closely at the photo above, you can see a perforation line running horizontally so we can tear the numbers away each day. It's so much fun! The best part, you can tweak this project however you want. If you don't have a perforation blade or the Cricut Maker, then just cut away each day with a scissors!


Find all the details below! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this project– it's so fun counting down the days each day!


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