Christmas Tic Tac Toe Bags with Cricut and Easy Press

Christmas Tic Tac Toe Bags with Cricut and Easy Press

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These Christmas Tic Tac Toe games are adorable for a stocking stuffer or just a fun gift for children for Christmas. You could even change up the image and use this for anytime; Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthday, etc. It was fairly cheap to buy the materials and the Cricut makes it so easy to cut and assemble this project.



Canvas or Cotton Bag (I got mine off of Amazon)
Clear stones (Dollar tree)-Make sure one side is flat and the other rounded
Premium Permanent Vinyl in Green, Red, and White
Iron-On vinyl in Black, Red, and Green
Transfer tape
Standard Grip Mat
Cricut Tools
Easy Press


I started in Design Space and couldn’t find a tic tac toe in access images so I decided to make my own. I started with the lines. I inserted a square into my blank canvas and unlocked it so that I could change the shape and size. I sized it so that it was a smaller line. I then duplicated this line 3 times. I arranged them then to look like a tic tac toe board. This process actually took me a little bit to make them perfect.

I added the text on top and then had my Cricut cut it out of Iron-On Vinyl. Be sure to mirror your image and put the vinyl shiny side down on your mat. Weed the board and iron on to one side of the little bag. I have a Easy Press Mini and it worked great for just one bag. But when I started making multiple at a time I used my bigger Easy Press and press 4 at a time (such a time saver!)

I then found the images I wanted on the ‘pieces’ aka the little stones. I choose the tree and the Santa hat. I measured the stone to see how big I wanted them. I decided that .5” would be the biggest. So the tree’s height and the hat’s width was .5”.

I duplicated each one 4 times so that there were 10 images in all. I then cut these out with my Cricut as well. This time the permanent vinyl needs to be face up on your mat and do not mirror. After all three colors were done cutting I weeded each sheet.

With the trees I used the tweezers to place them onto the underside of the stone.

With the Santa hats I used the tweezers to put the red part onto the backing of the white part. I then used transfer tape to transfer the two parts together onto the under side of the stone.

I did all 10 pieces and then decided I wanted to put names on the other side of the bag. I went back to design space and picked a few images. For most of them I used the slice tool to cut the name out of the image. I used Iron-On vinyl and with my Easy Press I easily added them to the bag


These are super easy to make! I started making them for all the kids I know!


Any kids in your life love tic tac toe? What a fun stocking stuffer!


*All I need is a little caffeine and a lot of CRAFTING!


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