Cricut Birthday Banner with Holographic Iron-on on Felt

Cricut Birthday Banner with Holographic Iron-on on Felt

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Birthday decorations are bought and used every day of the year.  Certainly personalizing and creating from scratch can make any birthday party extra special.  Celebrating a girl's 13th birthday calls for a little extra sparkle and shimmer for celebrating becoming a teenager.

I chose the color pink for my daughter's birthday banner as she moves from childhood to teenager.  I then chose holographic iron-on material as a flashy material to help her know she will shine as she grows towards adulthood.  

Design Details

On my canvas, I created a template of my purchased banner size so that I could compare it to the letters to be cut, so they are right-sized for the final application.

I used Cricut Translucent Blue Holographic Iron-on for my material.

The flower was sized inside the banner template to confirm its correct size.

Weeding Tip

I have found that when I weed my material, I place a corner of it on the sticky portion of the mat, so that my material doesn't roll and make the weeding more difficult.  

Hold Material with Mat while Weeding

Applying the Iron-On material has become easier with owning a Cricut Easy Press.  My EasyPress truly does apply easy consistent heat and a built in timer allows for easy accuracy in my application.  I also used the interactive Cricut Easy Press Heat Guide to get quick instructions.  

  • Preheat Cricut EasyPress 2 to 295°F
  • Preheat felt for 5 s - CRITICAL STEP FOR GREAT SUCCESS!
  • Place iron-on face down, liner side up
  • Press with light pressure at 295°F for 30 s
  • Slowly remove liner when cool to the touch

Cricut vs Other Iron-On Material

I chose to give a different splash of color for the flowers.  I happened to have some non-Cricut material on hand and was disappointed at its adherence performance.  

Cricut vs Other Iron on

 I hope you will make a personalized birthday decoration soon, as it is unique and special just like the birthday celebrant.  What is your favorite birthday decoration to make with your Cricut machine?

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