Cricut Fabric Sampler Pumpkins-No Sew!

Cricut Fabric Sampler Pumpkins-No Sew!

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Cricut Fabric Sampler (any sampler you prefer)

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Styrofoam Pumpkins (Dollar Tree)

Box Cutter or Exacto Knife

Sticks (cut or broken to desired length)



That's right! No Sew! Gotta love a nice, quick and easy project every once in a while! These pumpkins are so cute and easy to make and the fabric sampler fabric is already cut to the PERFECT SIZE! I know right! No sewing OR cutting!? Sign me up for all the fabric samplers, I want to make these in every color scheme! The best part is that I practically can considering the pumpkins are from Dollar Tree! 

Okay, so first off we take our pumpkin and pluck the tag and the stem from its top. ( It's very easy to remove) 

Now we want to cut a small hole in the top (center) and the bottom (center) of the pumpkin approximately 1/2 in. by 1/2 in. These pumpkins are hollow so you do not need to cut very deep. It does not have to be perfect but do not make the hole too large or the fabric will not tuck in tightly. 

Our fabric is basically in the shape of a large rectangle. We want to fold this fabric in half with the printed sides facing each other. Now we can take our glue gun and run a strip of hot glue along the seam and glue the two seams together, like so.


Let this cool a few moments, then flip the fabric inside out so the printed side is facing outward. 

Next, we want to insert the pumpkin into the fabric "tube" and center it approximately in the middle from top to bottom. Once you have done this, turn your pumpkin to the bottom side of your pumpkin and begin stuffing the fabric in the hole that you cut from the bottom. Working in one direction, begin tucking your fabric in the hole until you have made a full circle and the fabric is tucked all around. When tucking your fabric into the bottom, you may want to make sure you are leaving enough slack in your fabric to do the same at the top. If it looks like your top fabric is getting short, pull some back out of the bottom and adjust accordingly. Now repeat for the top.

Do not glue the bottom fabric first unless you are certain that you will have enough to tuck the entire top. Once you have both ends tucked and tidy you have a cute little fabric pumpkin! At this point if you would like to secure your project, you can stick your glue gun nozzle in the bottom hole and shoot some glue, sealing the bottom. Then you can take a stick or dowel, and plunge it into the top center and glue that for security. 

Another nice thing about this project is that depending on wear and tear you expect from these, you wouldn't even need to glue the fabric in. I have found that once both ends are tucked and has a stick inserted, they are pretty secure and did not glue some of my later ones. 

All in all I would say these turn out pretty darn cute for less than $3 per pumpkin! (Fabric Samplers on sale now until Black Friday) Woot! Woot! As you can see, I made some that required sewing as well. These were also cute but did I mention they required sewing!? 

What are some holiday crafts you're working on? Let us know! We love sharing!

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