Personalize Mini Wood Crates Fall Cricut

Personalize Mini Wood Crates for Fall with your Cricut

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Can you believe fall is just around the corner? I love fall decor and wanted to make something to add to my fall decorations for this year. This is a simple project using vinyl as a stencil.

Materials Needed:
• mini wood crates
• fake pumpkins/flowers
• ribbon/twine
• glue
• mod podge
• paint
 Cricut vinyl
 Cricut transfer tape
 Cricut die cutting machine
 Cricut tools


1. Find Designs
I found these three floral designs in Cricut Design Space:

Size your designs accordingly to the size of the crates you have.

2. Cut & Weed Vinyl
Cut your vinyl and weed it by taking the design out so that it becomes a stencil for painting.

3. Transfer
Use transfer tape and apply the vinyl to your crates.

4. Mod Podge
Apply Mod Podge over your stencil. This will help prevent the paint from bleeding. Let it dry all the way before painting.

5. Paint
Apply paint after the Mod Podge has dried. Then let the paint completely dry before removing the vinyl.

6. Embellish
I added ribbon and twine around the edges using a tacky glue. I then filled the crates with little pumpkins and some fall foliage. 

You can use these as indoor or outdoor fall decor or style differently for any season!

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