Cricut Leather On Sale NOW - Limited Time Only!

Cricut Leather On Sale NOW - Limited Time Only!

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Cricut leather is on SALE right now on our website, you guys! I'm putting together a whole blog post on this because it is such a good deal and you need to know about it! I'll show you the three kinds of leather that we sell and then show you some projects our team has made with it to hopefully inspire you in your crafting!

Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that you can cut leather on ANY Cricut Explore machine - you just need the Deep Cut Blade. The Knife Blade also works with the Maker, but this material is for everyone -- woohoo! If you're in need of the Deep Cut Blade, click here. And for the Knife Blade, click here. Alright, now let's get started.


This leather is the real deal. It's exactly what you would think when you think leather! We sell it in four different colors: Black, Cranberry, Dark Brown and Camel. Each of these sheets come with one 12x12" sheet of leather. They're on sale for $4.89, which is marked down from $12.99. This is the thickest leather of the three and is perfect for home decor, fashion, key chains and more!


Next up is metallic leather. This leather is SUPER pretty! It has a metallic finish to it, obviously. It has just a little shimmer to it, but it's super subtle. It is still genuine leather, but just with a metallic finish. We carry the metallic line in four colors: Silver, Rose Gold, Gold and Bronze. Regularly, this leather is $12.99 but on sale it's $4.39. That's 66% off!


The last kind of leather that we sell from Cricut is faux leather. This leather is paper thin and super lightweight. It has a pebbled texture/look to it which gives it the appearance that it's leather. You actually cut this leather with a fine-point blade, which is the regular blade that comes with your machine. You can buy this leather in single rolls or in sampler packs. The single rolls are on sale for $2.69 {down from $17.66!!} and come in five colors: Silver, Cafe, Beige, Brown and Champagne. The rolls are 12x24". We also sell two sampler packs of faux leather: Patina and Neutral. These packs come with five sheets of 12x12" faux leather and are $8.99, marked down from $15.99


Now that you know a little bit more about leather, here's a few photos of leather projects that our team has done here at Craft-e-Corner. I will list the kind of leather that was used along with the project. You can also click on the titles and it will take you to the blog posts/YouTube and then you can learn how to make them (*does not apply to all of them).

I hope you give leather a shot - it's one of my favorite materials to work with! And what better time to try it out now then when it's on sale!?

Luggage Tag - Metallic Leather

Hair Bow - Faux Leather

Coasters - Metallic Leather


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