DIY Leather Coasters with a Cricut

DIY Leather Coasters with a Cricut

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This project is one of my favorites because it combines two of my favorite materials: leather and foil iron-on! I firmly believe that you can never have enough coasters around your house so you’ll definitely want to add this project to your list of crafts to make! For this project, I am using the Cricut Maker with the Knife Blade. However, you can also use the Deep Cut blade with an Explore Air or Maker as well.


  • Cricut Maker or Explore Air
  • Cricut Metallic Leather
  • Knife Blade (compatible with the Maker only) or the Deep Cut Blade (compatible with either the Maker or Air)
  • Foil Iron-On
  • StrongGrip Mat
  • StandardGrip Mat
  • Masking Tape
  • Brayer Tool or XL Scraper


To start, apply the metallic leather to a StrongGrip cutting mat and use a brayer tool or scraper tool to really push the leather onto the mat well. Then apply masking tape to all four sides of the leather to help secure it down to the mat. Next, move the star wheels (the white wheels) all the way to the right and insert the knife blade. Or if you’re using the deep cut blade, insert that as well. Then hit cut! 

Once the leather is finished, we will cut the iron-on. First, swap out the knife blade or deep cut blade for the fine-point blade. Then apply the Iron-On to a StandardGrip mat and use a scraper tool to help burnish it into the mat. You will also need to put the iron-on face down onto the mat and make sure to click on “Mirror Image” in Design Space. Once you’ve done all those steps, hit cut! Lastly, you’ll need to weed the iron-on. If you’re not familiar with weeding, it just simply means to remove any excess iron-on vinyl from around the design. 

Now that you have all your materials cut, it’s time to pull out your EasyPress or iron and press the iron-on onto the coasters. If you’re using an EasyPress, you’ll need to preheat it to 255F and set the timer to 30-seconds. Once it’s heated up, it’s time to start the heat transfer process. We will start by preheating the leather for five seconds. Then, while it’s still heated, apply the iron-on to the coaster. Then press the EasyPress on the coaster for 30-seconds.

Lastly, flip the coaster over and heat the back for five seconds. When you’re completely finished, set the coaster off to the side to let it cool and then repeat these steps for the rest of the coasters. Once your coasters have cooled, you can slowly remove the liners.

Lastly, you may want to trim off any residue that may be hanging off the edges of the coasters -- you can see some on the edges in the photo below:

Then you're all finished -- your own leather coasters! Didn't they turn out so good?! You can find this project in Cricut Access if you search for, "Lia Griffith - Leather Coasters and Iron-On".

Happy making!


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