DIY Faux Leather Bows with a Cricut

DIY Faux Leather Bows with a Cricut

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While I'm really not a girly-girl and you can usually find me in plain white T and jeans, once and a while I like to dress up if I'm going out with my husband and friends or heading to church. We have had a lot of faux leather in the office lately here at Craft-e-Corner, so I thought I would try my hand at making some faux leather bows! And let me tell you...I LOVE them. They're simple, inexpensive and super cute! I only intended on making one, but ended up making four I liked them so much. 

And the best part? This project can be made on any Cricut since this leather can be cut with the fine-point blade. Woohoo! 

Tip: To put the bow in your hair, I simply glued the bow to a bobby pin with hot glue. I'm not sure what the best way to do this is, to be honest, but this worked for me! 



To get started, you will need to either find or purchase a leather bow template. Cricut Access has one that I used; I just changed the dimensions to what I wanted. I grouped them together and then sized them so that the bottom portion of the bow was about 4" wide. The template is from Cricut Access, #M935DB. Here's what it looks like:

Once you've got your template, apply your faux leather to a StandardGrip cutting mat and get cutting. I am using Faux Pebbled Leather from Cricut. I am loving this neutral sampler. That's what I used, but there are lots of options available. You can shop for all your Cricut leather on our website!

Next, we will get cutting. The setting for this leather is called "Paper Thin Leather". I like this leather because it's lightweight and inexpensive but still has the look of leather. And it can cut with the fine-point blade, so you don't need an additional blade to cut it! Once it's finished cutting, carefully remove the three pieces from the mat.

Now we will assemble the bow. You will need a hot glue gun for this, but I'm sure some other strong glue could work as well. Here are the three pieces we are working with -- I promise you assembling these is a breeze!

First, I am going to put a small dab of glue on the bottom layer of the bow, like so:

Then fold back the ends of each side so that they touch the middle, where you put the hot glue. Then it will look like this:

Now we will attach this top portion to the bottom part of the bow. Are you seeing how simple this is?!

Lastly, take the rectangular cut and wrap it around the middle of your bow and hot glue it in place. Glue it from the back like this-

And that's it! It only took me a couple minutes each to make. You're gonna love this! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


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Hello Susan,

You could hot glue your bow to a small clip! or a hair tie


Bow shown in hair? So how to attach?


What do you put on it to fasten it in your hair? The instructions didn’t say. Thank you.

Kathy Mayhugh

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