DIY Personalized Tie Blanket with Cricut Iron-On: Cozy Craft Ideas

DIY Personalized Tie Blanket with Cricut Iron-On: Cozy Craft Ideas

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Welcome to a world of crafting magic, perfect for kids and parents alike! Our latest blog post is all about crafting a snuggly tie blanket using super-soft fleece and adding a sprinkle of creativity with Cricut Iron-On. Get ready to embark on a fun-filled journey as we guide you through each playful step. From choosing vibrant fleece colors to applying delightful iron-on designs, this project is bound to bring smiles and warmth to your child's heart. Let's craft together for memories that'll last a lifetime!




- 1.5 yards of fleece of your choice 

- Scissors

- Cricut Machine 

- Cricut tools

- Smart Iron-on

- Cricut Mini Easy Press

Once you have chosen your fleece and cut it to the correct size you will want to find a large area where you can lay it out and make sure the two pieces line up evenly one on top of another. 

 Cut the two pieces of fleece together. I cut inward about 6in to create the "ties"

Double knot the ties to make sure they do not easily come undone 

Create the Design in Design Space. I did the birthday girls name. 



I used Smart Iron-on so I could make it a bit larger. Don't forget to "mirror" your image so the words aren't backwards!

I used my Cricut Mini Press on high for about 5 minutes 
It passed the snuggle test
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