EasyPress Heat Setting Guide

EasyPress Heat Setting Guide

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When you're working with an EasyPress and iron-on, it's important to make sure you are using it correctly to get a successful project. Thankfully, Cricut has made it really easy to work with the EasyPress and heat transfer vinyl. We recently have been getting asked a lot how to determine the settings for your EasyPress, so I wanted to review Cricut's Heat Guide with you today.

To determine your EasyPress settings, Cricut has created an interactive Heat Guide that you can access by clicking here or typing this URL into your web browser: https://cricut.com/en_us/heatguide — but the guide goes far beyond just telling you time and temperature! It gives you really important instructions to ensure you have successful heat transfer results. Let's take a look at the guide and walk through some of those common instructions.

When you first get to the heat guide, you will need to select the machine you are working with. As you can see above, I have selected the EasyPress 2 (there is a blue/green line underneath the machine which indicates which one I've chosen).

From here, we are going to select our heat-transfer material and our base material from the two drop-down menus. I am going to select Glitter Iron-On for my heat-transfer material and my base material will be 100% cotton. I also need to select whether I'm working on an EasyPress Mat or a towel. Then click on apply.

Once you hit apply, this handy little screen will appear first! This is going to give you your general instructions. I highly recommend you follow it to a T! Usually, whenever I forget a step is when I mess up a project. In this case, we would set our EasyPress to 330F and the timer for 30 seconds. Then we would preheat our material for 5 seconds. Once the preheat is finished, apply the glitter iron-on to the cotton and then apply the EasyPress over the glitter with light pressure for 30 seconds. Once that's finished, you'll hear a little beep to let you know the EasyPress is finished! Then you would flip your material over and press on the back side for 15 seconds. Lastly, remove the clear liner once the glitter iron-on has completely cooled (this is called a cool peel).

Underneath that little window is written instructions that can also be really helpful. As you can see, the heat guide provides more than just time and temperature. From here, we can see additional information— like what supplies we need and how to care for our project after we are finished!

Make sure you are utilizing Cricut's Heat Guide next time you are working with your EasyPress!

Happy crafting!


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