Fabric Bunny Dolls: Whimsical Painted Easter Decor

Fabric Bunny Dolls: Whimsical Painted Easter Decor


fabric bunnies completed

These painted fabric dolls make cute additions to your Easter decor.  Whimsical shapes and easy machine sewing create a blank canvas (literally!) for your creative paint or collage embellishments.



  • Muslin, about 12×20 inches per bunny
  • Stuffing
  • Acrylic paint
  • Gesso
  • Sewing machine and hand/machine sewing supplies
  • White pom pom, 1-inch


Draw a bunny shape on standard copy paper.   Keep the design loose and without a lot of sharp corners.  Simple and quirky is just the right look.

bunny drawing


Transfer the bunny design to your fabric.  Double the fabric and pin in place.

transfer design to fabric


Machine sew on the pencil line.

stitch on pencil line

stitched on line


Trim the excess fabric near the stitching line.

trim near stitched line


Cut a 2-3-inch opening in the back of the bunny.  Take care to cut through only ONE layer of fabric.

cut slit in back

slit in back


Pull the fabric through the opening to turn the bunny inside out.  The raw edges will end up on the inside of the bunny.

turn fabric

turn right side out


Stuff the bunny and hand stitch the opening closed.

stitch opening closed


Apply gesso to the bunny, completely covering the fabric.  Allow to dry.

apply gesso


Paint the bunny on all sides using acrylic craft paint.  The sample uses cream, pink, and rust colors, but you can make your bunny any colors that you love.

paint fabric


Paint a simple face using black paint.  Or add features with a permanent black marker.

paint face


Add clothing and other details.  Get creative and have some fun!  You can use paint or glue fabric or paper to personalize the doll.  Glue a white pom pom to one side for a tail.

paint clothing


Give your bunny some friends!  Hand draw each design so that each character is unique.

bunnies in a basket

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