Bunny Table Runner Using Cricut Felt

Bunny Table Runner Using Cricut Felt


There are so many wonderful designs in Cricut Access, it’s easy to forget that you can make your own equally wonderful project using nothing more than free, basic shapes. Check out this bunny runner created using Cricut felt and make one for your own Easter table.

finished runner close up


Cricut Felt Sampler, Summer Sky
Backing material, felt or interfacing product
Small, black buttons for eyes
Other optional embellishments
Hand or machine stitching supplies, or spray or iron on adhesive


Create the design in Design Space using basic shapes. The body is made from the octagon with a heart shape for the ears. The inner ear is an oval and the cheek a circle.  The nose is a half-circle. The flower design used in this project is #M14202031, free with Cricut Access.


cut design

Make the project, cutting the shapes from Cricut felt. Or cut the shapes by hand using scissors.

Attach the inner ear, cheek, and nose pieces to the bunny using hand or machine stitching or your favorite adhesive. I used some simple embroidery stitching to attach the pieces and create the vertical line for the mouth.

stitch facial features

Attach the bunnies to your choice of backing. Heavy felt would make a good backing fabric. I used an interfacing product that consists of fabric-lined foam. Again, the felt pieces can be attached to the backing using hand or machine stitching or your favorite adhesive.

Trim the excess backing material using scissors.

trim excess background

Finish the runner edges using hand (blanket stitch) or machine stitching.

finish edges

Attach 2 small black buttons to each bunny for eyes and add any other embellishments that you’d like.

bunny close up 2

bunny table runner

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