DIY Wedding Gift - Fabric Collage with Cricut Iron-On

DIY Wedding Gift - Fabric Collage with Cricut Iron-On

Cricut iron-on vinyl or iron-on designs offer an easy way to add an image to a hand stitched fabric collage for a special couple.  Start with some fabulous fabrics – like these upholstery samples or – even better- something unique to the couple – and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art to commemorate their wedding day.

completed quilt



  • Fabric scraps for base of collage
  • Batting
  • Embroidery needle and floss
  • Fabric pen with disappearing ink
  • Tulle
  • Iron-on vinyl or iron-on design
  • Backing fabric
  • Beads, other embellishments (optional)
  • Rings for hanging


Assemble your fabric scraps on a piece of batting.  Leave at least one inch of batting around the edge of the fabric scraps.  Pin or baste the fabric in place or use fusible web to hold the fabric in place for stitching.

layer base fabric and batting


Stitch the fabric pieces together where they meet using simple embroidery stitches to create the base for your collage.

stitch fabrics at join


Select a ready-made iron-on design or create your image in Cricut Design Space.  A simple silhouette, like a couple, is a good choice for this project.  A short phrase or quote would also work well.  Size the image to fit your fabric base.  Make the project, taking care to mirror the image before cutting.  Place your iron-on vinyl shiny-side-down on your cutting mat.  Cut then weed the design.

cut design


Cut a piece of tulle as large as your fabric base.  Place the tulle on top of a piece of parchment paper and adhere the iron-on material to the tulle.

layer tulle on base


After the main base fabric has been secured, the fun begins!  There’s no specific stitching pattern to follow.  Instead, you work intuitively, using the fabric as your inspiration.  The only real rules are to layer stitching with the tulle and your iron-on design.  Add some stitching before you layer the tulle.  Then pin or baste the tulle on top of the collage and stitch some more! Include additional embellishments like ribbon, lace, or beading if you’d like.

Below are stitching examples inspired by my color scheme and fabric scraps.  These all use a limited number of simple embroidery stitches.  New to hand stitching or out of practice?  Brush up on your embroidery stitches here on the DMC website.

embellishment 1 embellishment 2 embellishment 3 embellishment 4 embellishment 5 embellishment 6 embellishment 7 embellishment 8 embellishment 9


When the collage is complete, there are a couple different ways to finish it off.  For this first technique, measure a one-inch border around the edge of the collage.  Mark the lines using your fabric pen.  Cut on the lines, trimming the collage, using a pair of fabric scissors.

measure batting


Lay the trimmed collage on top of your backing fabric.  Measure and mark the backing fabric with the fabric pen about 1.25 inches from the edge of the collage.

measure backing fabric

mark backing 1.25 inch from edge


Cut the backing fabric using fabric scissors on the marked lines.

trim backing fabric


Fold the corners of the backing fabric over the front of the collage as shown in the photo below.

fold corner


Fold the sides over the front of the collage and pin in place.

pin backing


Stitch the backing fabric from the front of the collage near the cut edge.

chain stitch


Create a tag with the couple’s names or initials.  This tag is made with iron-on vinyl onto a scrap of faux leather paper.  Attach the tag to the quilt with a couple of French knots.

sew tag to quilt


Sew 2 rings to the top back edge of the collage for hanging.

sew rings to back for hanging


completed quilt


Alternately, the finished fabric quilt can be taped in place behind a mat and framed like “Hello Beautiful,” featuring floral fabrics and this cute little bunny.

hello beautiful quilt


The fun thing about these little quilts is how they turn out so very differently each time you make one!  Check out these two examples for some more inspiration.

additional fabric quilts

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