Favorite Writing Fonts Design Space

Favorite Writing Fonts in Design Space

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A few weeks ago, we shared a tutorial on how to write or draw with a Cricut. Since that post, so many of you responded that you wanted to know what our favorite writing fonts were in Design Space! So in this post today, we've rounded up some of our favorite writing fonts. Remember, these fonts are created specifically for writing or drawing projects with a Cricut. You may be able to use them for non-drawing projects but they may look a little different.

Since there were too many favorites to choose from, I compiled a list of four different "kinds" of fonts. There are four categories: Seris/Sans Serif, Uppercase, Fun and Script. Also, all of these fonts are apart of Cricut Access, so you will need a subscription in order to access these. Unfortunately, I did not see any writing fonts that were free.

Quick tip: You can save these photos and download them to your computer to reference later! Or if you're having a hard time reading the names of the fonts, that would allow you to see it larger too. Okay, let's get started!

Serif/Sans Serif

You might be thinking, "Serif Font? Sans Serif? What?!" Serif fonts are similar to those like Times New Roman, Georgia, or Baskerville. These fonts have "feet". Sans Serif are fonts without with the feet (hence, "sans serif"), fonts like Helvetica or Arial. I'm no graphic design pro, so this is a really basic explanation. All of this to say, the fonts in this category are your standard fonts you'd use for projects.

There were TONS to choose from— of all the categories listed here, I found the most of these kinds of fonts. A few favorites from the category are Lia's Wedding Font, Cricut Sans, William and Monday. I definitely use these fonts the most in my crafting.


These fonts are all uppercase fonts! I noticed that there were a handful of them as I was searching through, so I thought it would be helpful to include these as a category. When designing projects, I often like to pair a serif or sans serif font with an uppercase one. They're also just fun on their own too!

Here are some of my favorite uppercase fonts: Straight & Simple, Algebra, Lemonade and Rumors.

Fun Fonts


I'm calling this category "Fun Fonts" because I thought they were... fun! 😉 They all are unique and just add a little flavor to your projects! 

One of my favorite fonts, of all the categories, is listed here: DJ Flirt. I just think it's so cute and I often use it in projects! I also love DJ Jer, Karley and Zig Zag.


Script fonts are simply cursive fonts! I love using them and they seem to be really popular as well. Just like the Serif/Sans Serif category, there are a TON of script fonts. A few favorites here are: Emiline, Be Mine, Alexis Mattox - Emma Rae, P.S. and Pen Pals.

Tip: When you're working with script fonts, Design Space automatically puts spaces in-between each letter (like you see in the photo above). Use the letter space tool to move them closer together or simply ungroup and manually move them over.

That's all I have for you guys today! Of course, there are so many more fonts you could use than the ones I listed here. I hope you found this helpful in your Cricut crafting. Happy making!


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