Stuffy Doll Christmas Ornament

Stuffy Doll Christmas Ornament

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Muslin fabric
Gesso (optional)
Acrylic craft paint
Decoupage glue
Sewing needle and thread
Assorted embellishments
Floss or thread for hanging


Sketch a simple face and torso on a piece of scrap paper.

sketch simple shape

Trace the outline of a doll onto a piece of muslin using a pencil.

transfer design to fabric

Cut a second piece of muslin, the same size at the first.  Pin the two pieces together and stitch through both pieces along the pencil line. 

stitch on pencil line

Trim the excess fabric close to the stitching line. Cut a 2-3 inch slit in the back of the doll. Take care to cut through only ONE layer.

make slit on back of doll

Turn the doll right side out through the slit cut in the back. Stuff the doll firmly using fiberfill.  A dowel or stick is a handy tool for pushing the fiberfill into small spaces. Stitch the opening closed.

turn, stuff, sew opening closed

If you’d like, base coat the doll using a generous amount of gesso and allow to dry.  Paint the dolls using acrylic craft paint in your choice of colors. Allow to dry.

paint doll

Shade around the face and edges of the doll using brown paint thinned with a bit of water. Or apply the brown paint all over for a primitive look.

add shading

Add details using paint, pens or collage. Use whatever you have on hand to give your doll some holiday personality.

add collage papers etc

add additional details

Use a large needle and embroidery thread to attach a hanger to the top of the doll.


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