First Day of School Sign with Cricut Vinyl

First Day of School Sign with Cricut Vinyl

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I have seen so many of these adorable signs for their children’s first day of school. My Daughter will be starting preschool this fall so I was so excited to give my own sign a try using my Cricut. I just love how it turned out and how bright and fun it looks. I can’t wait to try it out for her first day coming up so soon!



                Cricut Tools
                Standard Grip Mat
                Permanent Vinyl
                Transfer Tape
                Project Link



I had this fun hanging chalkboard and thought that it would be perfect for this project.


I always start by measuring my surface area. It is so much better starting with the right size then having to change it later.


I created a rectangle in Design Space the size that I just measured. Then I created the Design. Here is the link to my project in Design Space if you would like to use the same one. It took some time to arrange everything so if I can save you that step then that is a win!


Then it was time to cut it all out. I used Cricut Premium Permanent Vinyl. I usually select more pressure and it makes it a little easier to weed, in my opinion. For most of this project I used some left over scraps. This always makes me happy when I can use up some of these scraps!


Then I weeded each section. There are a lot of parts but the weeding wasn’t too bad.


Using Transfer Tape I placed all the different images. It was like a fun puzzle to put it all together on the chalkboard.


Here is the finished sign! All the different and bright colors make it really pop.


What are some traditions that you do for the first day of school?


*Make today the day to learn something new!


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