Halloween Fabric Coasters Using Cricut Glitter Iron-on

Halloween Fabric Coasters Using Cricut Glitter Iron-on

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completed halloween fabric coasters

Get ready for Halloween with these spooky yet adorable fabric coasters. Using Halloween fabric scraps and a glitter iron-on spider design from Cricut Access, you can create a set of hand-stitched coasters that are perfect for your next Halloween get-together. With a simple blanket stitch around the edges and concentric circles stitched towards the center, these coasters have a handmade touch that adds to their charm. Plus, the glittery spider design adds a touch of fun and sparkle to your table setting. Follow this tutorial to create your own set of Halloween fabric coasters and add a touch of handmade charm to your Halloween decor.



Cut two 4.5 inch diameter fabric circles for each coaster and one 4.5 inch circle of batting.

Sandwich the batting between the 2 circles of fabric and pin all the layers together as shown.

pin layers together

Stitch around the edge of the fabric using a blanket stitch. (See the DMC stitch guide at https://www.dmc.com/uk/p-embroidery-stitch-guide.html.)

blanket stitch around edges

Using a simple running stitch, create concentric circles about .25 inches apart, beginning from the outer edge of the coaster and working towards the center. (See the DMC stitch guide at https://www.dmc.com/uk/p-embroidery-stitch-guide.html.)

running stitch circles

Create a spider cut design in Cricut Design Space, sizing the spider to about 2 inches wide to fit on the coaster.  I’m using spider design #M8DB1F87, included with Cricut Access.

spider cut design

Make the project using black glitter iron-on, remembering to mirror your design prior to cutting. Weed the cut design.

cut and weed iron-on

Using a Cricut EasyPress or household iron, iron one spider on each coaster following the manufacturer’s instructions.

coaster set

coaster set

completed coaster set

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