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Painted Halloween Placements using Vinyl Masks

Painted Halloween Placements using Vinyl Masks

 completed placemats

Removable vinyl is ideal for creating masks for use with acrylic paint.  Masks are related to stencils - except that while stencils create a positive shape - a mask results in a negative shape.  To use a mask, you place the mask on your paper or canvas and paint around it.  The image is revealed in the absence of paint.



Smooth heavy fabric, like drapery lining – 1 yd will make 4 placemats
Acrylic paint, colors of choice
Polyurethane craft varnish (optional)
Black iron-on, one roll
Removeable vinyl, any color
12x18 inch sheet stiffened felt (4)
Spray adhesive




Rough cut the drapery lining fabric to approximately 14x20 inches.  Lining fabric is available in the home décor fabric section of the fabric store. I like to use this material because it is smooth and the edges do not fray when cut.

Base coat the fabric using acrylic paint in colors of your choice and allow to dry. I’m mixing white paint with a bit of black to paint the background variegated grey.

base coat on fabric

Select a simple Halloween silhouette from Cricut Access and cut from removable vinyl.  This is a great project for using vinyl scraps or damaged vinyl. I created an assortment of bats in several different shapes and sizes. 

cut masks from removable vinyl

Peel the bats from the backing sheet and apply the bats randomly to the background fabric.

apply masks

Paint around each mask using a brush or sponge.  Carefully remove the masks to reveal the shape and allow the paint to dry. 

TIP: Return the masks to the original backing sheet or place them on a piece of freezer paper between use.

Repeat the process, placing the masks in new locations on the placemat and painting around them using a different color of paint.  Allow to dry. You can repeat the process as many times as you’d like until you’re satisfied when the look.  I like to complete 3 or 4 layers to create an interesting background on the mat.  Spatter paint thinned with water across the mat.

repeat mask application 2

repeat mask application 3

repeat mask application 4

Have some more fun! Try another background using a new mask shape and different colors.

alternate color schemes

Select a Halloween design from Cricut Access to use as a focal image on your placemats.  Size the designs to about 9 inches wide by 6 inches high and cut them from black iron-on. Weed the designs and iron one design to the center of each placemat.

cricut design

Use spray glue to attach a sheet of stiffened felt to the back of the fabric. Trim away the excess fabric using a pair of scissors.

glue stiffened felt to back

If you’d like, apply a thin coat of polyurethane craft varnish to the front of the mat to protect the painted surface.

completed placemat 1

completed placemats 2

completed placemat 3

completed placemats 4

completed placemats 5



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