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Hand Stitched Felt Christmas Ornaments using Cricut Maker

Hand Stitched Felt Christmas Ornaments using Cricut Maker

I love to give handmade ornaments to friends and colleagues around the holidays, and I think these cute Scandinavian animals in red and white will be perfect!  The Cricut Maker did a neat job of cutting out the pieces for these ornaments from Cricut felt.  And with a bit of white iron-on and some simple embroidery, an ornament is born!

completed ornament bear 


Iron-on, white
Cricut felt, colors of choice
Embroidery needle and floss
Fabric pen (optional)
White glue
0.2 inch red pom poms



Create your cut design in Design Space.  This design is called Scandinavian Animals (#MD918D88) from Cricut Access.  Size the design to about 3 inches tall.

Cut the animals from white iron-on and weed them carefully.

cut design

Cut a 5 inch circle from Cricut felt for the front of each ornament. Iron one animal onto the center of the circle.

 iron-on felt circle

Using white embroidery floss, stitch a simple design around the edge of the circle.  Use the animal itself for your stitching inspiration and create 2 rows of stitching using basic embroidery stitches.

You can brush up on your embroidery stitches on the DMC website at

stitching design for bear

 stitching design for fox

stitching design for owl

Cut a 6 inch multi-pointed star shape from Cricut felt for the back of the ornament.

Cut a 4 inch circle from batting and sandwich the batting between the front and back of the ornament.  Clip the layers together using pins, clothespins, or binder clips. I also like to draw a stitching line on the front of the ornament using a fabric pen with disappearing ink to help me keep my stitches straight.

sandwich batting between felt

Stitch through all layers using a basic running stitch, matching the floss color to the color of the ornament.

ornament front

ornament back

Cut a holly leaf about 1 ½  inches long from green felt.  Stitch the leaf to the top ornament through all layers using an 8-10 inch length of embroidery floss. Knot the floss to serve as a hanger for the ornament.  Glue three 0.2 inch red pom poms to the holly leaf using white glue.

completed bear ornament

completed ornament 2


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