Easy String of Felt Elephants (Free Pattern)

Easy String of Felt Elephants (Free Pattern)

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These cute felt elephants make a nice stitching project for a cold winter evening.  Work up the elephants in colors of your choice to create a mobile for a child’s room, Valentine’s Day decoration, or just a fun treat for yourself.

elephant string




Print, then cut out the patterns.  Trace each pattern on a piece of felt using a fabric marker two times – once with the pattern facing right-side-up and the other time with the pattern placed right-side-down.  You want to end up with two pieces of felt for each elephant with the elephant on one piece and the mirror image of the elephant on the other.

trace patterns on felt


Embroider on the marker lines using your favorite stitches.  The sample uses a chain stitch on the outlines plus a lazy daisy stitch in the center of the ear and a French knot for the eye.  Feel free to add any additional stitching that you might like, as well as beading or other embellishments.

When the embroidery is complete, cut the elephant from the felt along a line about ¼ inch from the stitching.  Exact precision is not required when cutting; you can “eyeball” this cut as the felt affords some give when matching up the 2 pieces.

elephant stitched and cut


Pin the 2 pieces of felt together with the stitching facing right-side-out.  Using a blanket stitch in a color that matches your felt color, stitch the pieces together.  Begin stitching near the elephant’s rear end and stitch around the trunk to the legs.

blanket stitch


Without tying off your thread, pause your stitching and lightly stuff the trunk and head of the elephant using stuffing.

add stuffing


Finish blanket stitching the 2 pieces until there is only a 1-1 ½ inch opening to insert stuffing into the rest of the elephant.  Finish stuffing the elephant and continue the blanket stitching to close the opening.

Sew two jump rings to the elephant.  Place one ring along the top edge near the elephant’s ear.  Sew the second ring on the bottom edge near the back of the front leg.

sew ring to elephant


Create the heart in the same fashion.

Thread pom poms on cord and tie the cord to jump rings to assemble the mobile.

thread poms poms on cord


Add a tassel to the bottom of the mobile.  Check out one of the great on-line tutorials for how to make your own tassel from embroidery floss like this one from Tiny Modernist Cross Stitch.

add tassel

elephant string hung

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