Ready-Made Cricut Project - Add Vinyl Decals to a Water Bottle

Ready-Made Cricut Project - Add Vinyl Decals to a Water Bottle

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Here is a quick, easy project for all of you Cricut beginners out there. It can be made with whatever Cricut machine you have, whether it be an Explore, a Maker or the Joy. You will cut out different colored smiley faces and apply them to a water bottle in any arrangement you like.


This is a ready-made project in Design Space called Smiley Face Water Bottle.

First, start a new project, and from the canvas, select "Projects" from the left. This brings up all kinds of Design Space projects to choose from.

You can just scroll through to find something you like, or enter a category and even a specific type of project to narrow down the choices. I selected "Vinyl' for the category and found this bottle project.

When you click on the project, it opens up and provides all the project details. At first glance, you can simply click "Make It" in the bottom right corner, and you can start cutting out your vinyl smiley faces.

However, you may want to see all the details of the project first. Scroll down to view the project description, materials used, preparation and cutting instructions along with additional helpful information.


Use all nine colors included here or use fewer colors and duplicate some of them. All but three of these colors are included in the Cricut Premium Permanent Vinyl Rainbow Colors Vinyl Bundle. You would also need Mint, Aqua and Party Pink permanent adhesive vinyl.

This would also be a great project to make using small vinyl scraps left over from other projects.

Once you're ready to begin, click "Make It," and you will be taken directly to the project screen to begin cutting. You can see all the smiley faces are divided onto different mats, as they will each be cut separately per color. The top left of the screen shows you will cut on 9 mats.

With this screen open, you can see how much vinyl you will need to put on the mat. For this design, you could use a 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch square per color and cut them all out before getting started. Once you have your first color of vinyl adhered to your mat, click "Continue."

Then repeat these steps to cut out each colored smiley face. It seems like a lot of colors, but each face is very small and will cut quickly. 

Once all smiley faces are cut out, you will weed them by removing the unneeded vinyl around each one with a weeder tool.

While writing this, I decided to decorate my own cup since this is such a fun and easy project. I used an insulated tumbler I was drinking from, after emptying it and cleaning the outside with rubbing alcohol.

Next, use small pieces of transfer tape to attach each smiley face to your glass in whatever positions you choose, rubbing over them with a scraper tool before removing the transfer tape.

That's it!. Your project is done, and you can now show off your handiwork and begin using your new decorated water bottle.

It is better to wait 24 hours to wash it, and hand washing is recommended.

A project like this makes me start thinking of all the bottles and other household items I have that I could personalize with vinyl. What does this project inspire you to decorate?

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