How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl to Wood with an EasyPress

How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl to Wood with an EasyPress

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It may have snowed yesterday in Wisconsin (happy March, everyone!) but I'm working on spring projects. I'm over the winter. 😂 I usually bring out a few spring decorations every year, so to start this year, I made a little bunny wood sign with some iron-on/heat transfer vinyl!

Did you know that you can apply heat transfer vinyl/iron-on to wood? It's so good and so simple (just make sure your wood isn't coated in a high gloss finish). I made this little wood sign and thought it would be perfect to add some iron-on too! You can apply regular adhesive vinyl instead of heat transfer vinyl— but I love applying iron-on to wood! It feels more permanent to me, but that's just my opinion. Find all the details in the video below!

Click here for the project in Design Space!



Let me know in the comments below what you think! Such a simple, easy project— which are some of my favorite kinds! Happy making, friends!


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