How to Cut Multiple Colors of Vinyl at One Time with a Cricut

How to Cut Multiple Colors of Vinyl at One Time with a Cricut

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Did you know that you can cut multiple colors of vinyl on one cutting mat? This will save you time instead of having to load and unload multiple mats to cut multiple colors/layers! It's so simple to do — let me show you how! 🤩
1. Go to the mat preview screen
Once you click on "Make It", you'll be taken to the mat preview screen. This screen does just what the name implies — shows you where and how your designs will be on your mat so you know where to place your material! This is what it looks like:
As you can see, our three hearts are separated on to three different mats based on their colors. Our goal here is to move all three hearts onto the first mat. This way, the Cricut will cut all three hearts at once instead of going mat by mat. This will save us so much time!
2. Click on the design you want to move.
I'm currently on the third mat — and I want to move this heart to my first mat. To do this, I'm going to click on the heart and then click on the three dots in the top left-hand corner. This little window (see image below) will pop open and we are going to choose "Move Object".
A new window will pop-up and it will ask us where we want to move our object too. I'm going to be moving all of my designs to my first mat, so I'm going to select the first one. A little green checkmark will appear on the mat and then you can click "Confirm" to finalize.
I'm going to also move the other heart on my second mat to the first mat. From here, all of our designs are now moved to the first mat.
3. Click on the mat that you moved all of your designs too. Separate your designs to where you'll place the vinyl on your cutting mat.
As you can see, all of our hearts are on one mat. However, they need to be moved otherwise they will cut just like this. 
From here, click and drag your hearts to empty spots on your mat. I like to line mine up underneath the inch markers because wherever you place your objects here is where you will place your vinyl. For me, I'm going to put one heart underneath the 4" mark and then the last heart under the 7" mark. This way, I will know to put my vinyl pieces at the 1", 4" and 7" markers. It looks like this:
4. Place your vinyl on the cutting mat where you lined it up on the mat preview screen.
Thanks to the mat preview screen, we know now here to place our vinyl. I placed my vinyl with where I placed my hearts on the mat preview screen. The first piece is vinyl starts at the top of the mat, the second piece gets placed under the 4" mark and the last piece gets placed just at the 7" mark.
I like to place my vinyl near the inch marks so it's easy to reference when you are going to place your vinyl on your mat.
5. Cut!
Now you can cut all of your colors/layers of vinyl at one time! In the end, this will save you a lot of time since you won't have to unload and reload your mat every time you need to cut a new color or layer of vinyl. I hope this was helpful!
Happy making!
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