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How to Make a Wood Sign with a Cricut and Vinyl

How to Make a Wood Sign with a Cricut and Vinyl

I have the honor of throwing my sister-in-law a baby shower this summer. I'm so excited to show you all of the baby shower projects I've been making with my Cricut! Up first, I created a welcome sign using wood, my Cricut and vinyl. Be sure to follow along on our blog or YouTube channel for the additional projects that I've made with my Cricut!


  • White Vinyl {either removable if you want to remove it or change it out or permanent if you want it to last a long time}
  • Transfer Tape
  • Wood Sign {I found a piece of scrap plywood in my garage for this— either make your own or pick up a blank sign at a store!}
  • Black Paint
  • Foam Roller, Paintbrush {if you're not using spray paint}
  • Sandpaper + Sander {if you want to distress the edges— I used 220 grit}

A quick tip for your wood sign: Make sure it's a smooth surface! If your wood is bumpy and the grain is raised, you'll have a harder time applying the vinyl. If you can sand your surface, that will help a lot. Happy making!


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