Make Watercolor Greeting Cards using Cricut Pens

How to Make Watercolor Greeting Cards using Cricut Pens

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completed card front view

Are you looking for some fun and easy ideas for making cards with your Cricut machine? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll show you how to create beautiful flower-filled summer note cards that are drawn by Cricut but hand-painted by you. Using Cricut gel pens, you'll create the perfect background for your loose and easy watercolor painting. With just a few simple materials, you'll be on your way to creating unique and personalized cards that are perfect for any occasion.


  • Watercolor paper, 140 lb.
  • Inexpensive watercolor paint set
  • Cricut pens
  • Card base, 5x7inch card or cardstock to fold your own 5x7 inch card 
  • Envelope, 5.25x7.25 inch
  • Glue or tape runner


Create a floral design in Cricut Design Space. You can combine any assortment of flower and leaf drawing designs from Cricut Access or upload your own design. I’m using a free seamless floral pattern design I found on

cut designMake the project using heavy watercolor paper. I used a light gray Cricut gel pen to make my project. I like the gel pens for use with watercolor because they do not run when contacted by water or paint.

drawing with gel pensUsing watercolor paint, paint loosely using the drawn lines as a guide. Use your favorite colors, and allow the colors to mix a bit on the paper. The color mixing and imperfect paint application gives the painting interest and helps to keep it from looking like a paint by number project:)  Color in the entire watercolor sheet and allow it to dry.

paint loosely in the lines

Using a loose sketching motion, roughly outline the painted shapes using a black marking pen.

add detail with black marker

Cut or tear the watercolor painting into pieces measuring 3x7 inches. You’ll be adding one painted piece to the front of each card.

cut painting into piecesReturn to Cricut Design Space to create a small tag for the front of your card. Add a 2 inch circle to your canvas and create a text message to fit. Make the project using a black Cricut pen on watercolor paper. Color in the text message using the black pen.

create tagAdhere the painting to the top of a 5x7 inch card using your favorite paper adhesive. Adhere the tag on top as shown in the image below.

glue painting to card front


Interested in Doing More? 

As always, you can take a basic project and extend it to a more elaborate card. Here are a few “fancier” examples, still using strips from a watercolor-painted sheet of paper, but also layered with additional papers and accented by a wood tag featuring an iron-on message.

think of you card close upthank you card close upadditional completed cards 

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. How will you take this technique and make it your own? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lee Ann

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