Kitchen Refresh: New Valance using Cricut Iron-On

Kitchen Refresh: New Valance using Cricut Iron-On

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I recently repainted my kitchen and needed a new window treatment. Cricut iron-on to the rescue! Add a fun kitchen-themed quote to a simple fabric valance for a quick update.

completed kitchen valance


Fabric (or store-bought valance without gathering)
Basic sewing machine and supplies
Cricut iron-on
Iron and board


Measure the width of your window and add 2 inches to the measurement for the side hems.

Determine a length for your valance. Something like 12-15 inches would be suitable for most kitchen windows, unless your window is very large. Add 6 inches to this measurement for the top casing and bottom hem.

Now that you’ve determined the size fabric you need, cut a rectangle that size from your fabric.

On the short sides of the rectangle, fold the fabric over .5 inch and then fold over again .5 inch to create the side hem. Pin the folds and top stitch in place.

side hems

On the long sides of the rectangle, fold the fabric over .5 inch and then fold over again 2.5 inches to create a top casing and a bottom hem. Pin the folds and top stitch in place.

bottom hem

Remove the pins ad iron the fabric.

Select a short saying the appeals to you. I found a phrase in Design Space that I just love – Bake the World a Better Place. However, your saying could be as simple as “KITCHEN” or “BAKERY” or any one of a number of fun kitchen quotes:

In this kitchen, we lick the spoon.
I could keep this kitchen clean if people would just stop eating here.
Blessed are this who do the dishes.
Never trust a skinny cook.
Kitchen always open. Serve yourself.

Create your quote as a design in Cricut Design Space.  I like to add a rectangle to the canvas that is the same size as the finished valance.  That makes it easier for me to determine what size to make the lettering. The rectangle doesn’t get cut, it’s just there as a design aid.

cut design

After sizing the lettering, I broke my quote in 5 separate cut pieces so that I could fit the words on my 12x12 inch mat for cutting. You can move the pieces of the design around before cutting to reduce material waste.  If you do that, though, just be sure the move the pieces AFTER mirroring the design. If you place the pieces and then mirror, you may find that pieces now overlap. (Ask me how I know that!)

Put Cricut iron-on on the mat with the shiny side down. Make the project and weed the design.

Organize your cut pieces on the valence.  Use a ruler or measuring stick to get the alignment right. Tape the cut pieces in place using a bit of masking tape.  You won’t want to iron on top of the tape, but it will help hold things in place temporarily while you work. 

align designs on fabric

Apply the iron-on to the fabric using a hot dry iron according the package instructions.

apply ironon

Hang your new valance from any curtain rod. I’m using a tension rod that relies on a spring to hold the rod in place over my sink.

completed quote valance

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