Machine Sewn Card “Feel Better”- Tutorial (No die-cutting machine required!)

Machine Sewn Card “Feel Better”- Tutorial (No die-cutting machine required!)

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Saturday is National Quilting Day!  While I know there is a difference between sewing and quilting- I thought a sewn card would be the perfect way to honor this crafting “holiday.”  My Mom is a quilter, through and through… she also recently caught the bug that has been going around.  I feel terrible that she is sick so I set out to make a card for her to hopefully make her feel a little better!  This is what I came up with…

I love how this card turned out!  No die cutting machine required!  I think the stitching details and the distressed paper makes this card look almost like a fabric quilt block, my Mom is going to love it!  Read below for full tutorial on how to make this card!

I started out creating a cardboard template for my petals.  I just grabbed a piece of a cereal box and made a quick pointed petal shape:

Next I used a scrap book paper catalog for all my petals…  I love using catalogs for craft projects, there is such a variety packed into one little book and you are recycling! (Remember this recycled necklace tutorial?!)   I traced out my petals (I made the petal to fit inside the little squares in the catalog).  You could certainly use a die cutting machine for this part, but I thought “the old fashioned way” was fastest here.  If you’re making multiple cards, a die cutting machine would be the way to go for sure!

I trimmed the petals with a regular pair of scissors.  I chose a variety of colors and patterns (based off what was in the catalog)- but you could do all one color or pattern.  I made 5 petals and 1 circle for the middle:

After I decided which order I wanted my petals to go in, I pulled out my sewing machine and started stitching the petals on.  You’ll want to build your flower from the bottom up- so start with the back bottom petals, then add the middle two, then the top petal and then finish with the center circle.  TIP: Run a line of adhesive tape on the back of your petals to keep them in place while you sew.  I used my Glue Glider Pro with the Repositionable tape cartridge so I could move the pieces around until I was happy with their position on the card.

This might sound silly- but make sure you’re sewing your petals on with your card OPEN- you don’t want to be stitching your card closed as you put on your petals (ask how I know this…)!  Sew your pieces right on to the front of your card.  Trim any pieces off that overhang (see below).

Once I got to the middle, I stitched the center circle on using a few passes on the sewing machine.  If you have a setting on your sewing machine to keep your sewing needle down when you’re at the end of a stitch, make sure you use that setting so you can rotate your card easily!

Once I got all my pieces sewed on, I ran my finger around the edges of the petals and roughed them up a little to distress them and make them look like fabric.

Next I made a quick banner for my sentiment using the “Feel Better” stamp from my “I’m Just Saying” Megan Elizabeth stamp set.  I stamped my sentiment on a scrap piece of kraft card stock and used my Bachelorette Ink Edgerz with clear embossing powder and my heat gun to make my sentiment stand out a little more.

TIP: Use a square punch to make a quick banner!  Just line up your sentiment with the corner of a square punch and punch out just the end.  Turn your punch upside down to make sure you’re lining everything up right.

I sewed my sentiment onto the bottom of my card using a quick zig zag stitch. Next I machine sewed around the entire card (but made sure not to sew over the sentiment).  I did a little extra stitching in the upper corner (it looked too plain without it) and hand sewed on a button in the upper corner as a finishing touch!

I made a matching envelope with my We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board (Click here for a full tutorial on how to make your own envelopes!).  I just love the feeling of this card- it turned out so pretty!

I hope this card helps my Mom feel a little better!  Who wouldn’t love getting a hand made card in the mail instead of bills and junk mail.


Do you send out cards when someone is sick?

Take a second and leave a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts!

Happy Crafting!



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I love your cards they are very stylish, in the present climate I would like to attempt some crafts and sewing and particularly these style cards
Do you have any advice on the most suitable sewing machine for stitching the material Or paper shapes onto card

I look forward to hearing from you Many Thanks Jayne


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