Matless Cutting with the Cricut Joy-Organization Labels

Matless Cutting with the Cricut Joy-Organization Labels

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I am going to be honest, keeping things organized is not my strong suite. But I absolutely love how easy it is to label things to help keep it a little more organized with the Cricut Joy. I was able to do so many labels all in one awesome, long cut. It was great! I did Rae Dunn inspired labels for my sister-in-law, labels for my craft area, and labels for my kids toy bins all in one cut. I also then used adhesive backed paper to make labels for my own pantry containers. I also found an awesome way to store my Vinyl!



Cricut tools
Smart Vinyl (I used one that was 10 ft long!)
Transfer Tape
Smart Label Writable Adhesive Backed Paper


I started by making a list of everything that I knew I wanted to make labels for. I headed over to Design Space and created all the words and labels. This took awhile making sure that they were all the correct size. I measured each item a few times to make sure that it would fit and look the way I wanted it to.


These are the Rae Dunn inspired labels. It is using the font The Skinny. It can get hard to weed having the font be so skinny but it turned out okay.


These are for my craft area.


My kids have this book shelf that I keep bins of toys for them to play with up stairs in the living room. I really like the idea of labeling these bins so they know where the toys go when they are done playing with them.


These are the labels for my own pantry containers. I found the image in Design Space when I searched for labels. I just inserted the text, changed the operation to draw/pen, and sized it correctly.


Being able to cut without a mat is actually pretty cool. You just insert the roll right into the Joy and it will cut it all out. You are limited to 4.5” in width but the length can cut up to 20’! (single cuts are only 4’)


All of my labels were over 5.5 feet long and it cut it all in one pass. So cool!


I always weed the inside of letter first and I thought it looked funny just sitting there.


Here is all 5.5 feet of weeded labels. I had my 3 year old daughter lay next to is so that you could see how long it really was. And to think you can more than double this length!

 I used transfer tape to put all the labels onto the containers and bins.


Rae Dunn inspired pantry labels


Toy bin labels


Craft area labels




The adhesive backed paper also cuts without a mat. And this kind is also writable!


Here are my sad, unlabeled pantry containers. (I guess I need more powdered sugar)


The paper just slides right into the machine as well. It first writes with the Cricut Joy pen.


Then it will prompt you to change the pen for the blade. It will then cut. Do not unload the mat at all in between.


It is almost like a sticker then with it having the adhesive backing. 


No need for transfer tape. I just peeled it off like a sticker and placed it right on my containers.


Vinyl Storage Hack: I had my husband cut the cardboard rolls that come in the middle of the vinyl roll in half. I then roll up the vinyl and slide it into the cardboard rolls. I love how it keeps it all together and I can also see what colors I have. Now I just need to find a way to organize all of my scraps!



I am really trying to keep things more organized! Hopefully these labels help! What else do you organize with your Cricut?


*Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions

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