Craft Green! Cork Fridge Magnet Planters for Earth Day

Craft Green! Cork Fridge Magnet Planters for Earth Day

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Tomorrow is Earth Day!  I spied a project on Pinterest awhile back and finally took the time to give it a try!  The pin I saw was for Cork Fridge Magnet Planters!  Itty bitty plants on the fridge using recycled wine corks… who wouldn’t love that!? And aren’t they just adorable:



This whole project (including painting with 2 kids) took less than a half hour start to finish!  Let me show you how…

I have acquired a collection of wine corks that I knew would come in handy for a project one of these days.  These corks are a mushroom shape:


We started making our planters by drilling a hole in the bottom of the cork.  I used a 5/8″ paddle bit for this step.  When drilling, make sure you have a firm grip on the cork, or use a vice grip if you have one.   You may have to change your drill bit size depending on the size of your cork.  Don’t have a drill?  Pull out a trusty craft knife and carefully hollow it out.  LOTS of stuff will come flying out of the cork, so make sure to wear eye protection!



I drilled the entire length of the top part of the cork.  Try to keep it center, but if it’s a little off, that’s okay too.  Next you’ll want to drill another hole in the side of the cork that you can counter sink your magnet into.  I had 10mm magnetic buttons so I drilled a 3/8 inch hole in the side of the cork.  You don’t want to drill all the way through into the middle, but drill deep enough so your magnet will be flush with the side of the cork.  I used a little hot glue to hold the magnet in place.

Now your cork is ready to turn into a planter!  I will admit, it was hard to find plants that were small enough to fit in these at the greenhouse.  If you can grow your own plant, that would be best!  When repotting a plant, make sure you get a good amount of roots to go with your plant into the new planter.
Compact your little roots and work them into the hole in your cork, but be gentle! Add additional soil if needed.  You can jazz up your cork a little if you want too as well.  My daughter decided to paint hers pink and teal and had me hot glue some beads along the middle of it.  How fancy!
We also did another one using “moon rocks.”  These little succulents only need to be watered once every 2 months or so.  They fit pretty perfectly in the cork.
If you don’t have a cork from your favorite bottle of wine to use, you can always pick up a package of corks.  Even a new cork is eco friendly!  I don’t know if these will survive long term, but you could also use a fake plant in it too if you just want the look without the “trouble” of a real plant.

Did you know, cork is a sustainable crop?  Cork comes from the bark of Cork Oak trees.  Every 2 years, the bark is harvested from the tree, which can live up to 200 years!  There is a lot of uses for cork, from flooring to insulation! If you’re interested in learning more, Wikipedia has a great article with more details. 

Craft-e-Corner focuses on running our business as green as possible.  We have VERY little paper usage and we recycle packaging and packing materials whenever possible. 
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Do you make an effort to craft green?

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Wow! That’s really an awesome DIY idea for making refrigerator magnets. Really loved it and will try it for sure. I’ve found some awesome custom refrigerator magnets here:

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