Mommy and Me Shoes DIY Using Cricut EasyPress Mini

Mommy and Me Shoes DIY Using Cricut EasyPress Mini

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Mommy and Me matching shoes with Cricut and Easy Press Mini


I love matching with my little girl! However, I can’t always find matching things for the both of us. I had these white canvas shoes for myself and was walking down the aisle of a store and saw the same ones in my daughter’s size. I thought if I can’t find matching shoes for the two of us I will just have to make them!



White Canvas Shoes in appropriate sizes
Iron on Vinyl
Cricut Machine
Standard Grip Mat
Easy Press Mini



The hardest part of this whole project was deciding what I wanted on our matching shoes. I wanted it to be cute for my daughter but also not kiddish for me. I went back and forth and then finally decided on arrows. My daughters’ room is decorated with dream catchers and arrows so I thought it would be cute for the two of us.

In Design Space, I went into images and selected an arrow that I liked from Cricut Access. After deciding on the arrow, I needed to decide how big the arrows were going to be on each of our shoes. I decided on 1 inch for my daughters shoes and 1.5 inches for mine. I duplicated the arrow and sized one to the 1 inch and the other to the 1.5 inches. I then duplicated the arrow a bunch of times. I eventually had to go back and cut more but I didn’t want to cut out more than I needed.

I spaced out the arrows on the mat a little so they would be easier to cut apart later.

While my Cricut was cutting out the arrows I turned my Easy Press Mini on to let it heat up.

After it was done cutting, I unloaded my mat and weeded. I then cut all the arrows apart.

I started on the side of my shoe and placed the arrow and used the Easy Press Mini to heat transfer it on. It worked fairly quickly. I think I held it on for 15-20 seconds. I continued the same process all the way around the shoe. And then did the same thing for the other shoes.


Tip 1: The soles of these shoes are rubber. And rubber MELTS. A couple times I found myself holding my mini press on the rubber and made an indent in the sole. Be sure to know where your mini press is while pressing down on the vinyl.

Tip 2: I put some fabric inside the shoes to help keep it firm while I pushed with my easy press mini. You could really use whatever you have that would fit in your shoes to keep it firm but fabric is what I had on hand and wouldn’t be affected by the heat.


With these canvas shoes fairly cheap, think of all the possibilities of matching shoes! What would you put on your matching shoes?


*Create the things you wish existed!



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