New Cricut Universal Overlay Questions Answered!

New Cricut Universal Overlay Questions Answered!

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Happy Friday everyone! I  told you all earlier this week we would have a Q & A session on the new Cricut Cartridges and the NEW Universal Overlay to clear up a lot of the confusion and answer some of the questions YOU want answered.
Well, here we go…
Question: What cartridges use the universal keypad overlay
Answer: All cartridges launched after August 1, 2013 will be compatible with the universal overlay. All of these new cartridges will not be packaged with an overlay in the box. Instead you will need to purchase the NEW Universal Overlay (once) and it will be used with all of the new cartridges. The new overlay is $2.99 retail price, but you can get it at Craft-e-Corner for only $2.29.
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Question: What does the universal keypad overlay look like?
Answer: The universal overlay is the same size as a cartridge-specific overlay, but has a consistent arrangement of numbers and letters, instead of the varying shapes and letters of older overlays.
Question: How does the universal keypad overlay work?

Answer: The universal overlay works in the same manner as the older keypad overlays: Each key corresponds to a specific shape or letter on a cartridge. Some keys can be used with feature keys or the shift key to make more cuts.

Because the universal overlay does not change from cartridge to cartridge, you will need to use each individual cartridge’s included handbook to reference the specific keys that create each shape.

Question: Do I need to purchase the universal keypad overlay if I have a Cricut Expression® 2 or a Cricut Mini® machine?

Answer: Nope! Only the Original Cricut®, Cricut Create®, and Cricut Expression® machines that currently require use of a keypad overlay will need the universal overlay.

Question: Going forward, will I need to purchase a universal keypad overlay for each new cartridge I buy?

Answer: No. Once you purchase the universal overlay, you will be able to use it with each new universal format cartridge you purchase. If you buy an older cartridge that is not in the new universal format, keep the overlay that comes with it and use that. All older cartridges will still be used with the overlays provided for that cartridge. The new universal overlay does NOT work with older cartridges.

Question: Do the new cartridges still come with  booklet inside with directions?

Answer: Absolutely! The new booklets are smaller and a square shape rather than a rectangle. Here’s a wonderful comment about the new cartridges and booklets below from one of our fabulous follower Irene…

Irene Smith-Baker says:Ok everybody. I just received a new cartridge I pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago (Anna Griffin’s Winter Wonderland). It’s in a small box, same size cartridge, no overlay, (must purchase universal separate), and it has a miniature booklet. But the booklet is FANTASTIC!! It’s on a spiral hinge (like the Cinch bound), and is in full color. Each page will show you what number the image is on the Universal Overlay, what button to press for which image layer you want, and even what color paper to use for each layer (assuming you want the same as in the booklet). But what’s cool is the fact that it is actually quite easy to understand which colors correspond with which layers. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes it’s confusing in the larger books, and I end up having to redo a portion. So bottom line…I love the new booklets (assuming they will all be this detailed)…and as soon as I figure out how to alphabetize and file my new cartridges among my bigger ones, I’ll let you know)!!!”
Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope you all understand the new cartridge and overlay a bit better.  


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How to I access images numbered higher than 50 using the universal keypad?

Natalie Cutler

Do I need the universal overlay for the cricut maker?
How do I get it to show the overlay?
There’s some pictures I can’t get unless i use the overlay but i don’t know how to use it.

Brenda Bodnar

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