Patriotic Bandana Wreath Cricut Vinyl Stencil

Patriotic Bandana Wreath With Cricut Vinyl for Stencil

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I made this bandana wreath to hang on my front door for the 4th of July. I had seen others that used a circular foam wreath but I really liked the look of the flatter wire wreath. I used Cricut Vinyl to stencil the words onto the star.



Cricut tools
Standard grip mat
Removable Vinyl
Wire wreath
Bandanas (red, white, and blue-6 each)
Wood Star
Paint brushes


First, I opened up all the bandanas. I cut each one in half. I didn’t really measure them. I just folded it in half and cut.


Then I folded it so that the cut side was folded inside and then folded that in half. I put it under the wreath with the ends towards the middle of the wreath.


I wrapped the ends over the top of the wreath and tucked it into the loop part of the bandana on the other side. I pulled it tight working the ends and the loop to sit nice.


I continued this all the way around the wreath. I alternated the red and the white with a big corner of blue in the top left.


I painted the star white.


In Design Space, I created a template the same size as the star. I then created my design to fit in that template. After I attached my design all together I made a square that was just bigger than the design. I sliced the design out of the square.

I had my machine cut it out of removable vinyl and weeded the words.


Using transfer tape I put the stencil onto the star.


I painted one layer of Mod Podge over the stencil. I make sure that I paint every direction with my brush over the stencil. This helps seal the edges to get a nice crisp line with the vinyl stencil.


After the Mod Podge is dry, I painted the words.


I immediately take the stencil off so that the paint doesn’t dry to the vinyl.


I just hung the star from the wreath and I was done! Love the way it looks hanging on the front door.


*May we never forget that freedom is not free.


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