Silhouette Cameo 3- Frequently Asked Questions

Silhouette Cameo 3- Frequently Asked Questions

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your silhouette cameo 3 questions answered

The Silhouette Cameo 3 was released Monday August 1, 2016!  We are super excited to be able to offer you some great deals on the machine and I want to answer any questions you might have.  Below is a list of questions I have received so far, as well as the answers!  If you have any questions I missed, please leave a comment on the blog post and I will get them answered for you! 

What’s new about the Cameo 3?

The Cameo 3 features built in Bluetooth; Touch Screen with built in speakers; a higher roller bar so you can cut up to 2 mm thick material; dual carriage so you can cut and draw at the same time (or draw with two pens, cut with two blades, etc); tons of built in storage; self adjusting blade and updated roller bars.  See more details here.

I already have the Designer Edition Plus software upgrade, do I have to buy the software upgrades again to use the Cameo 3?

No, you will not need to purchase new software upgrades.  The Cameo 3 uses the same software that the Cameo 1 and 2 use, Silhouette Studio.  There will be an updated version of the software (Silhouette Studio 4) that will allow you to use the features special to the Cameo 3, such as the dual carriage, but this will not affect your upgrades.  If you’ve already purchased an upgrade such as Designer Edition, Connect, Business Edition or Designer Edition Plus, you will still have that same software upgrade when you get a Cameo 3 and update to Silhouette Studio 4 (yay!).

Does the Silhouette come with software?

Yes, the Cameo 3 comes with access to the basic Silhouette Studio Software.  You can go right to to download it without even having a machine.  Note: there is no physical software CD included in the box, you will have to go to and download the software.

Do you have to be connected to the internet to use the Silhouette 3?

No, you do not need to be connected to the internet to use the software.  You will need to be connected to go to the design store to download designs (if using), but the machine can be used without any internet connection.  Internet connection is needed for Bluetooth access, however.

Can you use a Cameo 3 and a Cameo 2 at the same time with Business Edition?

Yes, you can use two machines at the same time with the Business Edition software and they do not have to be the same edition machine.

Can you use a Cameo 1 or 2 with the new software (Silhouette Studio 4)?

Yes, you can upgrade to the new software and continue to use an older model machine.  You will not be able to utilize the features specific to the Cameo 3 (such as auto blade or dual carriage, for example), but you will be able to use Silhouette Studio 4 with an older model machine.

Can you use the Silhouette Roll Feeder with the Cameo 3?

Yes, the roll feeder works wonderfully with the new machine!  If you have vinyl or heat transfer material on a roll, load it into the roll feeder and feed the vinyl into your machine.  When you’re done cutting, cut right off the back with the cross cutter and save yourself time from loading and unloading your vinyl.

The box does not say that it is a Cameo 3, did I get the old model?

The boxes do not state that it is the newer version of the machine.  You can tell based off how the machine looks and what the box looks like as well.  The Cameo 2 machine has a picture of the Cameo on the top of the white box.  The Cameo 3 machine has a picture of fruit that is cut out of paper on the top of the white box.  The Cameo 2 is more triangular in shape and you can see the touch screen when it is on your desk.  The Cameo 3 is more boxy and has a cover that covers the touch screen when it is sitting on your desk.  Both Cameo 2 and 3 are white in color and have a touch screen to the right.  The Cameo 1 machine is gray and darker gray and has buttons to push instead of a touch screen.

Does the Cameo 3 fit in the Silhouette Rolling Tote?

The Cameo 3 machine will NOT fit in the rolling tote.  Well… technically you CAN get it in there, but it’s a real struggle to cram it in there and take it out again.  I would not recommend it for the Cameo 3.  

Can you use the self adjusting blade in a Cameo 2?

No, the self adjusting blade can only be used in the Cameo 3 machine, in the left hand holder of the dual carriage.

How does the self adjusting blade work? Does the self adjusting blade have some sort of sensor to know what length the blade needs to be to cut your material?

When you use the self adjusting blade, you will tell the software what material you are cutting.  There are built in presets in the machine, similar to the Cameo 1 or 2.  So, if you are cutting vinyl for example, you pick “vinyl” from the materials menu in the blade setting window.  The machine then knows it needs to set the blade to a 2.  You would then send the cut job to the machine.  The machine will then move the blade carriage over to the left hand side of the machine and tap the blade up and down until it reaches a blade setting of 2.  It will then cut the material.

The blade does not have a sensor in it to figure out what depth it needs to set itself to.  You cannot load up a piece of paper and have the blade figure out what depth it needs to be in order to achieve a perfect cut.  You will still have to tell the blade what length it needs to be so the machine can make the adjustment for you.

Read more about Silhouette blades here: Silhouette 101: All About the Blades

What is so special about the dual carriage?

The dual carriage allows you to do two things at once.  You can cut and sketch, sketch with two sketch pens or cut with two blades at the same time!  Why would you want to cut with two blades at once?  If you have two different types of materials you are cutting, for example, you would find having two blades handy.  I cut vinyl and paper on the same mat, so I loaded up one blade to cut the vinyl and the other to cut the paper.  This allowed me to get both cut jobs done with the same mat loading, which saved some time.

Sketching and cutting is also very handy.  If you want to make gift tags, for example, just load up the cutting blade in one side and the sketch pen in the other side.

Can I use the Cameo 1 or 2 dust cover on the Cameo 3?

No, you will not be able to use the Cameo 1 or 2 dust covers on the Cameo 3. The 1 and 2 are more triangular than the 3, so the dust cover will not fit the 3. There will be Cameo 3 dust covers available soon, however.

What blades can you use with the Cameo 3?

They made some changes to the Cameo 3 carriage to include two holders.  The size of the holders have not changed, however.  This means that if you could use it in any previous Cameo model, or a Portrait, you can use it in the Cameo 3.  This includes the Standard Ratchet Blade, the Deep Cut Blade, the Fabric Blade and the Premium Blade.  You can also use the Silhouette Sketch Pens (no adapter needed) and the Silhouette Pen Holder.  AND YES, you can still use the Chomas Marker Holder and Pen Holder, the Chomas Etching Tool!

Read all about the Silhouette blades here: Silhouette 101: All About the Blades

Have they changed the cutting mat?

No, the cutting mat used for the Cameo 3 is the same as previous mats you may already be familiar with.  You can use a 12×12″ standard mat, light tack mat, 12×24″ mat and even an 8″ Portrait Mat, if you wish.  The Cameo 3 is also PixScan enabled, so you can use a PixScan mat as well.  If you have mats from your old machine(s), you can still use them with the Silhouette 3.

Do you have to cut with a mat?

This is a yes and no answer.  If you are cutting vinyl, you may not need to use a mat.  If you cut vinyl that is 9 or 12 inches wide,  you can cut it without a mat.  There is a cutting strip in the deck of the machine that will allow you to cut without a mat on materials that have a backing sheet (like vinyl).  If you are cutting smaller/scrap pieces of vinyl or paper, you will still want to use a cutting mat.

Is the Cameo 3 machine quieter than the previous models?

So far, I have not noticed a difference between the noise made by the machine.  The self-adjusting blade taping is not whisper quiet either.  I found that using a foam dish mat helps insulate the noise though.  I can’t say you would probably be able to use the machine in the same room as a light sleeping baby.

How do I turn off the clicking sounds from the pushing buttons?

The Silhouette Cameo 3 has built in speakers.  This is to help you ensure that you have hit the buttons and not guess if you hit the button or not.  This is a handy update, but can also be unwanted.  If you want to turn off the sounds, use the preferences on the machine and find the Sounds.  Just choose “off” in the sounds menu.

Where is the load mat/load media button?

On the previous models, there was a “Load Mat” and a “Load Media” options (whether through touch screen or buttons).  The Cameo 3 just has a “Load” and “Unload” button only.  If, in your software, your design has a cutting mat under the work space, the machine will load mat.  If you do not have a cutting mat, the machine will load media.  To turn the mat on or off, go to Design Page Settings>Cutting Mat and then select the mat you are using (or not using).

Why does my machine shut itself off after 15 minutes of no use?

The Cameo 3 has a built in sleep timer.  You can decide how long you want it to stay on for, but the default is 15 minutes.  You can go all the way up to 30 minutes or turn the sleep timer off if you’d like.

Does it use the same power cord as the previous models?

Yes, the power cord for the Cameo 1 or 2 will work with the Cameo3.

What is the white plastic thing with holes in it for?

This is one of the items you will get with your machine and it should come in the baggie with the Cross Cutter and the Self Adjusting Blade.  Silhouette America does not have an official name for it, but I am calling it the Blade Chuck.  This is used to adjust your blades, take the cap off the Self Adjusting Blade to clean it out and also helps you remove the Bluetooth from your machine.  Read all about the blade chuck here,

Does Bluetooth already come with the machine?  Where it is?

Yes, machines in the US will come with Bluetooth built right in.  For international machines, there is an adapter option that Silhouette has not quite given us details on.  To locate the Bluetooth, you must turn your machine over.  On the bottom of the machine, there is a small door labeled “Bluetooth” that is held closed with a small screw. To remove the Bluetooth, you would take the screw out and use the Blade Chuck to remove the dongle.  Please see this post for details

Why won’t my Cameo 3 connect to the Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth functionality will work with the release of Silhouette Studio 4.0.  This is scheduled to be released in the fall.  The Bluetooth will not work reliably until you update to 4.0.

How thick of material can the Cameo 3 cut?

The Cameo 3 can cut up to 2 mm thick, including materials such as craft foam.

Is there anything they didn’t bring over from the Cameo 2?

Most features from the 2 have been carried over, such as the touch screen and the cross cutter in the back.  The only thing they did not bring over is the small storage drawer on the side of the machine, which makes sense as there is a lot of other built in storage.

Is there a user manual?

The machine will come with very little paperwork.  If you wish to view a user manual, please check it out here.

Where/how do I register my machine?

You can register the machine with Silhouette America on their website

How do I access my 100 free designs that comes with the machine?

You will have access to the 100 free designs when you register the machine, plug it in and open Silhouette Studio.  If you have questions or problems accessing these designs, please contact Silhouette America at 1-800-859-8243.

Does the Cameo come with a warranty?

Yes, the Silhouette Cameo 3 comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.  Craft-e-Corner is an authorized Silhouette retailer and all of our machines come with this warranty.  The warranty will cover any purchase where the buyer is in the US or Canada.  International customers, the machine does not come with a warranty.  If you experience troubles with your machine, please contact Silhouette at 1-800-859-8243 or

If you have any questions I didn’t cover, please leave a comment and I will answer it for you!



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Hi, could you tell me I have cameo 3 but can not download the software for it on my laptop, it seems I can download the software for the 4 can I use this?


Are you not putting out anymore for Silhouette Cameo 3? Everyone is sold out. Or out of stock And don’t know when they’re getting any in. So are you not making them anymore?

Vicki L Lisenby

Are you not putting out anymore for Silhouette Cameo 3? Everyone is sold out. Or out of stock And don’t know when they’re getting any in. So are you not making them anymore?

Vicki L Lisenby

I have a cameo 3. Don’t spend a lot of time with it and have only made signs out of black vinyl. Have you ever seen a inspiration book? I would like a book that just list all the different things I can do with it. What I want used to be in a magazine that you would get monthly and have ideas and things to try. Thanks for your time

Judi Yaeger

I just bought the Cameo 3. I do not have a computer, just an iPad Pro and an apple iPhone X. Is it even possible for me to use the cameo 3 without owning a computer?

Mika D

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