The Perfect DIY Gift! Wrapped Wire Name Tags.

The Perfect DIY Gift! Wrapped Wire Name Tags.

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Today I wanted to share a super fabulous DIY gift idea brought to us by the super talented Craft-e-Corner designer Kala! Nowadays, there are a lot of unique names and spellings of names that to find personalized ‘name’ gifts for that person are almost impossible to find!
Well, no worries- just DIY!
 These wire name ‘ornaments’ can be used for so many different things! Make them as tree ornaments (maybe for next year?), use as a door hanger,  name place settings & so much more!


Use this fun project to create a gift for ANY name!
To start, print or draw out your name you want to make, the size you want to make it, on a piece of paper.  My letters were all about 1″ high.
 Start by making a little loop on the end of your wire with a Round Nose Pliers.  Lay the wire down and follow the name on the paper. For really sharp turns, use the pliers to pinch the wire into shape.
 You can tape the wire as you go along to help you follow the pattern, if needed.
To wrap the wire- use any color floss you wish. I used DMC Floss for this project. This floss comes is a variety of very bright and vibrant colors!
  Before  you start wrapping, start by putting a dab of glue (I used Arleenes Tacky Glue Gel) onto the wire to secure the floss.
  There are a few techniques to use when wrapping the letters.  For letters with sharp ends- such as the ‘U’ and ‘Y’ in Ruby, I wrapped the letter together. You’ll want to put a dab of glue on the top of the letter, bring the floss up and over the top and then wrap thorough the bottom.
 Then start wrapping from the top and work your way down.
 For letters where there are overlaps, such as the “B’ in Ruby:
Unbend the wire a little so that where the wires cross they are not touching, wrap, and then bend back into place.
  When you have a letter such as ‘X’ or ‘T’, cut a section of wire and use glue to stick it to the correct place on the letter.  Wrap it well with floss making cross patterns to secure the piece.
 Continue wrapping until you get to the end- then put another dab of glue and wrap the floss into the glue and trim when dry.
Make another loop at the end of the finished name.  I did not cut my wire to length, I just started bending and when I knew I was done with the name, I snipped the wire and then did the final loop.
Depending on what you want to use these for, you can hang them with a piece of the same colored floss, ribbon or whatever you would like!
The first name I did took a while, but after doing this a few times, they get easier (i promise!) and you learn the tricks of the trade.
These made great ornaments for our tree this year and the kids love them! After we take our tree down I will be hanging them on the kids bedroom door.
Hope you loved the project!


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