Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipes

Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipes

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I’m going to make a prediction.

I bet you love cookies. Keep reading if you know that I am right.

I can relate, and crave cookies often, but try not to have them around the house, or I will eat them….ALL…. in one sitting.  However, there are many  times that when I really know there is nothing else to satisfy my sweet tooth better than a warm home made cookie right out of the oven.  So, here’s your excuse to make those piping, hot, sugar laden, crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside chocolate-y, oatmeal-y yummy cookie morsels!  It’s spelled V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S D-A-Y.


Valentine’s Day.  This holiday is all about LOVE, and how better to show your love then through COOKIES??   How about baking those cookies, and then wrapping them up in cute and simple DIY packaging?  If you happen to be a procrastinator like I can be sometimes, this gift of love is quick, easy, and full of love.

Here’s what I am going to give you-

1. Cookie recipes, with options for whatever cookie you may be craving

2. A few simple and adorable DIY ideas to package your cookies in

3. Some tools for making for Valentine’s Day cookies easy and quick!


Here is the first cookie recipe.  Use this recipe to make your cookie making a group effort.  Get your kids involved in some quality time, and get two gifts in one- memories, and cookies!

Adapted from : The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies 


Next recipe.  These cookies are super fast to make, and a lot less intensive than sugar cookies, and are pretty healthy.  (Also gluten free- my husband has Celiac Disease, so most of my cookie recipes are GF.)  This is a good recipe if you are looking to make a small amount of cookies..and I can’t resist pumpkin even if it is February.

Adapted from: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ok, you are done baking.  Now…Here are some ideas for getting those cookies into some cute packaging for your sweeties!

Get yourself some little brown treat bags and hop onto Silhouette Studio, download one of many Valentine’s designs, or make one yourself, and sketch, draw, print…etc. onto your treat bag!  Done.



Next idea.  Get some small cellophane treat bags.  Find a festive design from Silhouette Design Studio, or make one yourself, and print out a nice little tag to tie on with a festive ribbon.  Done. This idea courtesy of Martha Stewart.


Last easy idea is to create a design on a small piece of card stock and staple it onto a small treat bag. Alternately, you could use a ribbon to tie the card stock to the top of t the bag.



Enjoy, and share any recipes or ideas you may have about how to make custom treat bags for Valentine’s day!


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